Saturday, October 29, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about the things I imagined as a little kid. First off, look how cute I was.
This is a photo OF a photo that my mother refuses to part with long enough for me to scan it.

I loved that kitty. Her name was Inky, and took her everywhere with me. She was super sweet, and never scratched me, even though I often carried her around the house cradled inside of my gold sequined Cindy Lauper shirt. I would have scratched me, even if I was awesome.

It seems like most of my favorite memories are of being on the road with my mom. I adored being in the car together, listening to the Beatles. We were together, and her big oaf of a boyfriend wasn't there. It was perfect. We'd go spend the day on the beach, or just ride around together, singing.

When we weren't singing "Happiness Is a Warm Gun" at the top of our lungs, I would keep myself busy by pretending I had a nature man that had to run alongside of our car. He couldn't touch anything man made, or he would die. He was kind of like a gnome, I guess. He was small, dressed in all brown and green and had a bushy white beard. Thankfully, he could jump incredibly far, because there wasn't a lot of green in some places on I-65 in Kentucky and Indiana, and we did a lot of driving there.

When it rained, I imagined that the little water droplets on the windows were alive. My passenger side window was like a giant petri dish swimming with life. I made up little voices in my head for some of the squiggly drops, and they were very interesting.

I loved to play library in my room, too, which was pretty normal, I guess. I'd pretend my stuffed animals were customers, my piggy bank was for late fees, and I had a little pink piggy-faced stamp that I would stamp the inside of all my books with, like I was checking them in and out. Oh, and I'd eat smarties and pretend I had a headache from working.

Anyhow, I was just thinking about the strange little things I'd make up as a kid. I have a big sister. She's nine years older than me, though, so she was only interested in my extermination at the time. I guess I was sort of like an only child in a lot of ways, so I was pretty used to keeping myself entertained. 

What weird little things did you pretend when you were a munchkin?


  1. You did the running guy thing too as a kid?? I thought I was the only one!! This explains why we are friends, good woman. :) Hope you are well- talk soon.

  2. I had an imaginary friend that I talked to... and I thought I could do a "rain dance" to make rain (it only worked once). I did the running thing too - he ran on top of telephone/electric poles and fences...

  3. Okay. That's awesome. I guess it's something all kids imagine. We just never talk about it. I love that.

  4. Hello there! Your blog is amazing ma' dear! Your art is absolutely stunning. You are going to be famous! For clarification, when I say "famous" I mean "famous enough to drink dragon tears out of a goblet made from petrified angel feathers while watching an HD video of youself accepting the Nobel prize in a category that was invented specifically to accommodate your excellence - like the "Nobel Fantastic Awesome Art Prize." Only joking. Anywho, marvelous artness!


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