Thursday, April 7, 2011

Contact Dermatitis...I Think

I probably shouldn't be writing while I feel so awful. It's bound to be hopeless, and severely depressing, but on I go.

I've got an itchy rash. :( That alone makes me incredibly upset. I've never, until now, had anything like this. It all started as a little itchy bump on my left forearm. I thought it was a bug bite. I scratched it. Then I washed it, and put antibacterial salve and a bandage on it. Then I went to The Smokies with my husband to celebrate our 7 year anniversary, and scratch my arm about OFF.

Yeah, the seven year itch. I don't even think that's funny now.

No longer is this itchy red bumpy evilness only on my left arm. It's spread up the inside of my elbow a bit, all down my left ribs, and down a little further and around my back. *cries* It's itchy like mad, and red, bumpy and gross.

I've done all kinds of research as to what it could be, been to the doctor twice, am taking meds and waiting on a call from a dermatologist. I don't have insurance, so we'll see how that goes. I pray to God that this can be stopped, and soon.

If I came into contact with poison ivy/oak/whatever, it was almost three weeks ago now! I didn't get that first itchy bump until 6 days later, and then another week until this on my ribs came up, and it's still coming up! I didn't know allergic reactions worked like that - so delayed. Could I still be coming into contact with it, even after I've washed my clothing. I threw away my favorite Kermit shirt, because that's what I was wearing when the suspected poison attacked.

I've seen pictures of how bad it can be. I keep telling myself that I've not got it that bad, but the worst part is not knowing for sure. I didn't see a plant and think, "Hmm. Was that poison something-or-other I just rubbed myself past?" I've never had anything like this in 28 years of life, so I'm a bit upset. I don't know where it will keep spreading. I don't know if it'll stop, how bad it will get or if/when it will go away. I just feel completely helpless, depressed and itchy.

One of my best friends is getting married in 16 days, and I'm in the wedding. If this doesn't go away by then, I'll just die, or want to. So...I pray. I take my cold showers, prednisone (which makes me all kinds of weird feeling & gives me tummy troubles) and antihistamines, spread on the rubbing alcohol and caldryl and I cry.

If any of you pray, please do. I need help.


  1. I'm sorry Heather! Get to feeling better! And dont cry, you'll look great!:)

  2. Thank you, Mark. I appreciate it.

  3. It'll be ok! Rash and all! If it comes down to it, we'll all draw a rash on ourselves so you fit in. And I'm buying you a new Kermit t-shirt.

  4. hi heather-i had this up both arms and my upper back for three years once. they diagnosed it as neurodermatitis. all they could tell me was "just don't scratch it". this was nearly impossible. i would scratch, it would bleed, then crust over, then i'd scratch it again, and again....i would heartily recommend not scratching if you can help it, slap it instead. i have millions of scars all over my arms and back from it that never went away, they turned white and are very noticeable..i hope you can find some relief! all the things i tried to put on it never worked very well. i just had to grin and bear it for long enough for them to heal.

  5. oh, and mine started with just one bump too!


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