Monday, February 7, 2011

How Can Anyone Walk on Water, If They Won't Get Their Butt Out the Boat?

Anybody out there? It's been a long time since I was in a sharing mood, and I feel as if I should apologize for that. I allowed blogging to become just another place that I couldn't speak my mind. I'm not proud of that, and am in the process of changing it.

I've worked for the same nonprofit for over five years, and I've been unhappy with my working situation for around two of those.

If any of my faithful few are still out there, you may recall me blogging about landing a better paying job, giving my notice and leaving in 2009. You might also remember me spending one day on the new job, before crawling back to what I knew. What you won't remember are all of the feelings I never expressed, because I knew my boss read my blog.

Well, I went back to the old nonprofit job thinking I hadn't had it so bad after all. My paycheck wasn't a hefty one, but I was doing something good there. Believing if I just did my job to the best of my ability, I could put up with my boss not respecting me. I also thought I could handle snide remarks and nasty jokes at my expense, and rude comments about others...

I realize now that I have spent about three of the past five years just waiting. I've been waiting for something to change for me. Finally, I realized that I had to be that change. I've learned that we can't expect the constants around us to vary. We have to be the variables.

So...I quit my job last week. Live and learn, right? I'm taking a little time off, before I start looking for something else, and am not-so-secretly hoping that my artwork will make me a rich woman.

In the meantime...
Nothing but blue skies from now on. ^_^


  1. I'm so proud of you (P too). Sometimes it just takes a blind leap of faith to find something that truely makes you happy.

    (I'm secretly hoping that your art (and mine) will make you/us rich - or at least rich enough to have that studio space . . .)

  2. Good job Heather! I'm sure you will do well, and I am really glad you got out of that stressful situation. :)

    Now if I can only get you in the monkey-

  3. seems to be pretty common, I bailed on my last job because of the stress, three months out of the year i was working 80 hour weeks with no days off (including weekends) just trying to keep up while having more dumped on and being yelled at for not keeping up. leaving there was not a hard choice.

    though i love my new spot, the money hasn't been flowing quite like it was, after a year of "layoff" i'm finally back to work, but not at the pace or the fundage prior to the layoff. so even with a better work life, the stress level is still way high. so, i can completely relate.

    lets seriously all start kicking around some ideas. mine would be to start an exhibit/environment group that handles nothing but non profits (small museums, children's hospitals, etc). stuff like this. we would need to find some good fabricators/sculptors, but i think we could probably handle the rest. my thought would be to plug ourselves in with Inergi or some already exisiting group that could aid with project management.

  4. Have fun unveiling God's plan for you!

  5. Taking it day by day, and I'm busy as a bee with art projects. Really hoping portraits and illustrations will keep the bills paid.

    Nathan, you know me. I am NOT a planner, but I am creative, and totally supportive of your ideas. If you set up something as amazing as what you've mentioned & had a spot for'd be pretty difficult to turn down.


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