Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hiya, folks! Fancy meeting you here, eh? I've been a bit swamped, and started avoiding some things. I didn't really mean to. It just sort of happened.

I've completed a couple projects, and feel a little less like I'm drowning, so I'm going to try to get back into posting now and again. I miss my old blog, and your comments.

Now, as I'm sure many of you have gathered, I'm a hopeless klutz. That being said, I drop my phone left and right, and pretty much any direction you can think of. I've accidentally thrown the poor thing (and I mean shot-putted) behind the bed, under my Jeep and in lots of other hard to reach places. My poor little DROID has seen the pavement more than a couple times, much to my chagrin. I don't know how I do it. It's a bit like there's an invisible force trying to keep us apart.

So...I searched the world over, and finally got a phone cozy worth coveting. I name everything, so I call her Chobap. If you're not familiar with the this pocket of yummy veggie friendly goodness, I suggest checking out that link. I was introduced to chobap in Korea, and fell in love. It's actually a Japanese dish, and I already have a real kitty named Kimchi, so I thought another Asian dish would be a good name for a kitty phone cozy. And she's a pocket! Yeah, I know. Just let me think I'm clever...

All the way from Japan to protect my trusty little phone.

made by Tokyo Inspired

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  1. HI!! Ohhh I'm a clutz too. My phone has seen better days!! =)


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