Wednesday, September 15, 2010

River Rats

A friend recently joked that my husband and I should just move to North Carolina, since we've been spending so much time there. You see, Mr. T, my husband person, has taken up white water kayaking. Like many of us do when we develop a new interest, he has a tendency to obsess.

We've always enjoyed camping, but it used to be an occasional thing. Now that he's attempting to kill himself learning to safely navigate white water, we go all the time. We've been so often, and survived, that I've gotten over my fear of careening over rapids. Well, I've gotten over my fear of careening over some rapids, and I get on the water every chance I get.

This weekend I'm going rafting with some friends, while Todd kayaks beside us. I may possibly take a duckie (an inflatable kayak that's a lot harder to flip that an actual kayak) down one of the calmer rivers, or try surviving on a Shredder with a trusted friend. We'll see what happens. If I live, I'll blog about it.*

Every trip, we stop at the Ocoee River, in Tennessee, on our way home.
We scramble down the side of the sun-warmed highway to the cool riverside rocks.
We crawl alongside the river to find a cozy, shady spot to watch passing rafts and kayaks.
Smushing together on a comfy-ish rock, and dangling my feet in the cold water, is my favorite.
If I had long arms, I'd take better pictures. Look at the distance he gets!
I'm not sure if we'll be moving there anytime soon, but it's definitely one of our favorite places to be. If we do decide to relocate, I'll have to take a few people with me.

You know who you are, and I'll let you know, so you can pack.

*See that healthy amount of fear?


  1. Well doesn't that sound awesome!! I wish I could do something like that but I'm a scaredy cat.

  2. I'm a nervous wreck, but it's fun. I'll only get out there if I have someone near that knows the rivers, and can save me if I do something wrong. Being a scaredy cat is smart. Going whitewater kayaking/rafting without a good guide is not smart.

  3. Yeah for y'all and new scary adventures!!

    Just let me know when we're moving! If I can, I want to put our vote in for Asheville . . . I think we would fit in there

  4. That sounds like alot of fun!

  5. Ari- You'll be the third to know, I'm pretty sure. ^_^

    Wonderful- It's pretty great.


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