Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pics or It Didn't Happen

Oh, it happened. All of it. You want photo documentation of why I've neglected my blog so? Well, you got it.

There were:
Picnics in parks...
canoe trips...
bicycle rides, swimming, and sunbathing on blankets in the yard.
My adorable husband...
played his guitar...
while I sang praise songs, and squinted into the sky on steamy Sabbath afternoons.
We took our favorite teenager camping/rafting in North Carolina, and she survived to tell about it. She's not the most outdoorsy gal, but she's always up for anything.
I  purchased the coolest tee shirt on the face of the planet. It's a man's, and it's too big, but I don't care. It's Kermit, and he's rocking out. I had no choice.
Some friends of ours went out of town for a week, and the husband person and I had the pleasure of puppy-sitting for them. We went to check on these adorable mutts every night, and spent the weekend at their house.

Barkley is the fastest tongue in the South, and quite the cuddler.
His mom, Lucky (aka Lucy Fur), has a bad reputation for escaping the backyard, but I think she's just misunderstood. She runs to the neighbor's house to see another of her puppies. She's such a muppet. ♥
All in all they were wonderful hosts. We were licked, wiggled upon and generally adored.

And, of course, my creative compulsive disorder has been running rampant. Not only have I been preparing for an upcoming Sidewalk Art Stroll (Next Thursday!), the lovely Ari went and had her 28th birthday. I made her a water doodle portrait...
...and some Muppet magnets. I already made her Kermit & Pepe last year, so now she has a whole slew of them. Gonzo and Beaker are my favorites. What about you?
Then there were the puppy portraits for a friend of a friend. Psst! I love me some friends of friends. I get more commissions that way.
I'll be sure to post about the impending Art Stroll after the fact. I'm working on getting prints of all my waterdoodles into my etsy shop before the event. We'll see how that goes! 

Oh! And my dear friend, Debra, took my husband and I to the Star Wars Exhibit at The Space & Rocket Center, where I met the love of my life. *blushes*
I'm certain I'm leaving things out. It's been all kinds if hectic, but I can't complain. Life is good, and I thank God.