Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Wonderful World of June

I'm just going to go ahead and count May's NaBloPoMo a success. So I didn't post every single day, and I sort of forgot about the theme. Phooey! It got me back into writing pretty regularly, and that's what it's all about, right? I'm going to keep telling myself that I'm not a procrastinating failure, and move right along.

Right along to the wonderful world of June! This month is going to be chock-full of good times, and I can hardly wait. Let me break it down for you.

My Soul Mate's dad is turning fifty this month, and he's a pretty important fella. Since I met Jodi on the school bus, when we were eleven, her parents have been a very important part of my life. I've mentioned that my dad's a good guy, he's just never been very present in my life. Well, Jodi's dad has been there...always.

Jodi's also got two younger siblings, which I refer to as my Pseudo Little Sisters. Leah is the oldest, and Kayla's the baby. Well, the baby is turning fifteen this month. Feel incredibly old much?! I was at the hospital the day she was born, bloggers. The day she was BORN.

Since we're feeling old* here, might as well go ahead and get this out of the way. I'm turning twenty-eight on the twenty-seventh. Yes, that's right, I've now surpassed the twenty-seven on the twenty-seventh mark, and may possibly go into a deep dark depression. I doubt it, but it could happen. I'm keeping my options open.

What does all this birthdayness mean?! It means that my Soul Mate, complete with wonderful husband man, will be coming home for birthday celebrations! Yaaaaaaay! I'm thrilled to the core about this. I haven't seen them in over five months, and I'm going through withdrawals.

I'm going to begin working on a couple of really exciting things this month, too.

First, there's my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project. It came in today, and I can not wait to get started! I really can't express how much joy it brings me to know that some of my work, however rough and unfinished, will be exhibited in museums throughout the U.S. I'll probably be subjecting you to sketchbook entry posts, so brace yourselves for doodles.

I'm still in shock over this second project. I've already ranted to some of you about it, but I've got to give more details. Last week, a man came to facilitate a training at my place o' business. On his first day with us, he saw some of my artwork, talked with me a little bit and then...asked me to illustrate a children's book for him!!!

He recited the story he'd written from memory, and I'm in love with it. It's right up my alley, and totally something I can stand behind. I've already started working up some characters, but it's really in the early stages. I'm currently waiting to receive my edited copy of the book, so I can dig in.  I'm seriously waiting for someone to pinch me, and hoping and praying I don't wake up. I want to write and illustrate children's books so badly, and I think this is a wonderful start for me. Squee!

*Let me clarify, before someone thinks I'm calling them old. I'm merely in awe/thankful that I've been on this planet for twenty-eight years. I tend to go with the "you're as young as you feel" idea. I mean, look at the men I'm drawn to, for goodness' sake. I'm attracted to guys in the 34-50 range, which I most certainly do not consider "old". I just wanted to make that clear. And Todd? I guess you lucked out, young man. :P


  1. Your 27 on the 27th comment made me laugh.. I'm born on the 3rd, so I've passed that particular mark multiple times over!

  2. Yay! I get a permit, I get to drive...
    And stop with the "i'm old" junk!
    You act younger than me every once in a while. :) I Love Youu!

  3. Karishma- ^_^ What do I build up to now? 82?

    Kayla- I'm glad we're continuing to live and all. I'm just not so sure how I feel about the aging part. :P Your party shall be GLORIOUS! Not so sure how I feel about that "act younger than me" comment, either...but I love you, too. :P

  4. Don't remind me that we're turning 28! Its bad enough I have to deal with the fact that I'm going to my 10yrs. high school reunion in a month!

    I'm way too excited about the sketch book project too!!! We're so taking a road trip to Atlanta to see our stuff in a museum!

  5. i cannot WAIT to se your children's book illustrations!!! Oh my goodness :) And just for no reason, I just want you to know that I love love love you :) Let's catch up soon!

  6. Ari- I know. I know. My reunion is in October. And yes, we are *so* going to Atlanta!

    HISdaughter- I'm so excited about it. I'll be sure to post some pics of the work I'm doing along the way. I love love love you, too! ^_^

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  8. Z.




    That is SO freaking exciting! How cool! I'm so stoked for you :-)

  9. Heather Rose,
    Firstly, thanks so much for your sweet comment. J and I figured out that we're actually twins, separated by 15 years. Our tastes are so similar, and yet our personalities while similar in some ways, are so different in others. Maybe it's the age difference.
    You wanna talk about feeling old? I realized this morning I've been working full time almost 30 YEARS! How depressing. But I was only 17 when I started working full time. Wait 'til you get to be my age .... LOL Have a great one girlie!

  10. Me again. I left a little somethin' for you on my blog. Check my June 9 post.

  11. edk.dolce- I'll be sure to check it out! ^_^

    LiLu- I know, right?! Thanks!

    Sandy- Aw. Thanks, lady!


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