Monday, May 3, 2010

Things Are Looking Up!

This is how pitiful my sweet Kimchi Kitty was before our last trip to the vet...
And this is him today. 

It may be a lousy shot of him being held captive at the vet's office, but at least he's a live captive. Do you see him willing me to open that door? Such spirit. Just yesterday I wasn't so sure he was going to come home again. When I opened that little metal box, he all but climbed in my mouth. And he's found his purr again!

Is he cured? Not quite. His blood work looks perfect. He doesn't have a temperature. Antibiotics didn't do squat. X-rays don't capture anything out of the ordinary. Conundrum, anyone? the vet administered a barium x-ray, and low and behold, it shows what appears to be a hairball.

Of all things, a hairball. Who knew hair could try to kill my kitty?! He's got a good 12-14 years left in him, and I've got an awesome vet, so that's not going to happen.

Currently, they're still trying to coax my clogged-up kitty into eating, in hopes of avoiding surgery. If he would just eat, it should get things moving naturally. Otherwise, they're going to have to open him up. While the vet can't be completely positive that it's a hairball, we should be finding out soon. I'm just thankful that he's feeling better. Fluids have certainly put the meow back in him.


  1. Aww, this is great news Heather!! Please keep us posted on how mister furball is doing. I'm glad you're in better spirits sweetie!

  2. aw poor little guy. well glad to hear that it's just hair and nothing more serious... ya know? hope he gets better soon!!

  3. Barry- Thank you, sir! Guess what?! I'm in even BETTER spirits today. I called the vet, and she said Kimchi ate after I left yesterday. ^_^ I told him if he ate, and went to potty, he could come home. Now, we're just waiting on the latter. :P

    Ari- Meeeee too. I'm so glad it's not some rare kitty disease. Stupid fur! ^_^

  4. Get the stuff I posted about on your fb status. I promise, it's the wonder-slime for hairballs. My Baby gets bad ones. And at the risk of sounding gross, ok this is gross, but who cares, it could help the fur baby. . .it makes the hair come out in the poop, which is much easier on kitty than hacking them up, or even worse, staying in there. Hope everything works out,keep us posted.

  5. Aw, glad to hear your kitty is feeling better. He certainly looks like he's such a sweetie!

  6. I'm so happy for you Heather Rose. It must be such a huge weight off your shoulders. Looking forward to seeing pictures of him at home with mummy.

  7. Amy- I am totally looking into it. Still not certain, at this point, that it's a hairball. I can't imagine what else it could be, though. Thanks, love!

    Stealthnerd- Me too, and he's definitely a sweetie.

    Sandy- Thank you. It's a HUGE relief to see him feeling better, and there will absolutely be photo documentation of his homecoming. :P


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