Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Sight To See

Oh, yesterday was a day, folks. A good day, but a day. When I left work, heading to get my tires rotated, and eat dinner with my loverly husband, it looked like this.
About 5 minutes looked like this.
While we waited for my Jeep to be taken care of, we decided to take our chances riding bikes at a local green way. We checked the weather, and 40% chance of rain wasn't going to stop us, so off we went. 

About 4 miles before we got caught in a downpour. (We just rode 4 miles. Please excuse the hot mess.)
Luckily, we were close to an overpass! We ducked inside like good little wayfarers, and hung out with some pigeons. We also spotted a teensy snake swimming in the water you see there. When I approached to take his picture, he politely refused and swam to the other side of the stream. Hmph.
We waited it out, checked the radar on my handy dandy Droid and were back on our way in no time. We finished the trail, which was a little over 4.5 miles, and headed back the way we came. Right as we returned to the very same overpass, the bottom dropped out and it poured again. 

We waited as long as we could, but we ended up finishing the last couple of miles in a light sprinkle. We were drenched, but it was hilarious.
By the way, my husband's a genius. He left his dress shirt in the truck (rode in his white undershirt), and brought me a clear poncho (I felt like a Hefty bag.).
9 miles later, our clothes were pretty dry, but we sure were a sight to see.


  1. sounds like quite a ride....I haven't told you yet how much I absolutely LOVE your bike! I wanted one very similar but my husband doesn't love me as much as yours ;)

  2. Oh the weather does that here too!! One second horrible, next second gorgeous. Great photos tho! At least you guys found that overpass!! aww I love your curly hair!! What a day!

  3. Madam Raspberry- He should be punished for this.

    Melanie- I do love the gorgeous that follows the torrential downpours. And thanks, I'd say you could have it, but you already have your own curls to deal with. :P


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