Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Photo Foolery

I just have a ball messing with the filters on my Droid's little camera app. It's called FX Camera. I'm not sure if I've said the name of it before. A lovely lady I know was talking about the Hipstamatic (I think that's what it's called) app for her iPhone, and I went in search of the equivalent.
Yeah, so how insane do I look in that picture?! I love it. Helena Bonham Carter, eat your heart out. I could totally be the next Bellatrix LeStrange. I just need some grungy teeth, more extreme bed head and a corset. And maybe to look a little more maniacal.

Oh, and the application brings out different hues, which is awesome. This one makes my eyes look reeeeaaaaally creepy green. They're fairly creepy green anyhow, but not that bright.

Anyhow, free camera application. Check it.



  1. You are so gorgemous!!!!! <3

  2. and yay for chicks with creepily green eyes...we should start a society!

  3. Creepy green?! You must be joking! Green eyes are gorgeous, like woodland pools.

  4. Amy- It's just a good angle, and insane looks good on me, but thank you. ^_^ We should!

    Karishma- I always kind of thought they looked like the color of asparagus, but woodland pools sounds much better. ^_^


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