Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh, The Excitement!

May I ask you a personal question? Nothing scary. It's harmless personal, just something that interests me.

What did you get excited about when you were little? I mean, really excited. I'm talking jump up and down, annoy the heck out of your parents, keep you awake at night with anticipation excited. Remember that level of enthusiasm?
little, curly headed me
 Little, curly headed me got really excited about quite a few things. I jumped up and down about puppies, drove my mother crazy about going swimming and couldn't sleep when my mom told her boyfriend to take a hike. I would get so excited about these things I'd get the hiccups.

I guess that last boyfriend one might need a little explaining, if you're new around here. My mom's boyfriend was not always a nice man, and he needed to leave. Each and every time she threw him out, I believed he was gone for good and it would just be my mom and I. I'd get so excited that I couldn't even sleep. I just knew we were going to spend every day playing games, coloring, letting the dogs in the house, singing songs, cleaning and listening to music together and life would be grand. He finally left for good when I was fourteen. Good things come to those who wait, right?

Anyhow, I'm blathering about all this because I tapped back into that next level excitement yesterday. I came across a link that I simply must share. It's called Art House Co-op, and it's uh-mazing. There are so many rich and gorgeous things to find there, I-I-I just can't contain myself. I've even signed up for a project and am all kinds of stoked. Squee!

What did you get insanely excited about as a little person, and what do you get excited about now? I want examples, people. ^_^


  1. Kitties and puppies!!!!

  2. I talked Jonathan into coming home yesterday and spending the night at home with me and then letting me ride back with him today. I got so excited waiting for him my stomach hurt :) And trips - vacations no matter how sort or long always got me excited.

  3. Crayons and Markers . . . or any type of color writting untensil . . . heck, I still get really excited about them. I even have a little hand thing and stompy dance I do . . . I'm such a dork

  4. Amy- Yeah, I still get all kinds of spastic over kitties and puppies. :P

    Jodi- Yaaaaay! Hug that man for me. Trips and vacations are definitely exciting. Heck, you know me. I like an impromptu trip to the gas station.

    Ari- And this is why I love you. I wonder where we got that twitchy/maniacal happy hand thing? Maybe Peewee Herman...

  5. When my mom would get a huge box like bigger than me like the time when we got a new refrigerator. She cut out a huge hole in the front for the door & a small one for a window. She made me a lil house. I was like 3 at the time so I thought I was the coolest chick on the block cuz I had a box house. =)

    Ohh woa that site is awesome, it has soo many pretty things!! The artist KORALIE on the main page has really cool work!!

    Adorable picture! I have curly hair too. hehe. =)

    I hope you've been feeling good!! xx

  6. I love rolling down hills and cloud watching on summer days!

  7. Mel- Oh! I loved box houses, too! Did you color all over it with crayons and markers?! ^_^ And that site is wonderful, love it. I'm well, and I hope you are, too. *mwah*

    Wonderful- Ah, yes. I grew up in Kentucky, so I was a hill roller as well. I'd be covered in chigger bites, but that never stopped me. And clouds are a never-ending source of entertainment, aren't they? ^_^


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