Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Little Help

Sometimes you need a little help looking on the bright side. Well, I guess I should just speak for myself, hm? Sometimes I need a little help looking on the bright side, and it's good to know that  it can be as simple as walking into your kitchen. 

Allow me to (re)introduce you to some feathered friends of mine.

This is Casey Jones.

This is Madeleine.

These little birdies, and the new camera app I discovered for my Droid, have been helping me to focus on the positive. Looking up isn't always easy, and I'll take all the help I can get.


  1. Man we had so many budgies when I was a kid!

    How's Kimchi doing? I hope I don't upset you by asking honey but you've both been on my mind this weekend.


  2. Barry- Consider yourself hugged for caring, and please pass it on to Sandy.

    My husband (Todd) had a bunch when he was a kid, too.^_^ This one we got from his sister. She bought a couple for her twin boys (best nephews on the planet) about seven years ago (can't believe it's been that long), and Madeleine here is not a fan of the boys. By "not a fan" I mean she kills them. >-< Therefore she needed a new home, and here we are.

    We got the cockatiel from one of Todd's coworkers. She was kind of what was left after a divorce, and was unwanted. :( Can't have that!

    We also have a love bird named Izabel, but she's a very busy bird with no time to stand still for a photo.

    Kimchi is STILL at the vet, and I get to call about him tomorrow at 10. The last round of blood work didn't show anything again, so they have no idea what's up with him. He doesn't appear to be poisoned, or have any blockages. They've given him an appetite stimulant, but he still won't eat, so they're continuing to give him fluids. They told me they were trying to decide what to do next. The options were to do another type of x-ray, and/or knock him out and do an exploratory surgery. :(


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