Monday, May 10, 2010

Keeps Hands And Arms Inside At All Times

I had unexpected plans come up on Mother's Day. I'd already arranged to see my mom this coming Sunday, so when some friends from church offered us a couple free tickets to Six Flags we took them up on it. Mr. T. isn't a huge fan of roller coasters, so he stayed home with our recovering kitty. Instead, I transported my favorite teenager. I had a really good time, despite wishing Todd were there. I remedied that by texting photo updates to include him. Wanna see?

Jacob (goes to church with me) and Jake (Jacob's friend from school)
Jake (I heart this kid. He wore a storm trooper shirt, was very calm and covered in freckles.)
Kayla (favorite teenager/pseudo little sister) and I
And Jacobi (Jacob's little brother, and one exhausted 3 year old)

Did you catch the name of the boys? Jacob, Jake and Jacobi (Juh-co-bee). Yeah. Try keeping up with that. And Jake's name is Jacob, too.

What'd you do on Mother's Day?

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