Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fastidious Prime

Guess who's lying next to me right now. I'll give you some hints. He's not so tall, but he is dark and handsome. He also happens to be incredibly brave and strong, pretty close to that ever alluring Byronic hero. And he purrs.

That's right! Kimchi Kitty!!!

He's a little drugged up still, so he's kind of wobbly. His surgery went well, and the vet found some weird unidentifiable plug-like object wedged in his little kitty intestines. I'm not so sure what the thing is yet, but I'm bringing it home after Kimchi's follow-up on Monday. I'm pretty sure I know someone who might recognize this wee culprit.

It sounds like the work of my husband, the mechanic. 
 Looking particularly menacing on Cinco de Mayo. :P

He's a computer technician actually, but he can do everything. The only downside to my multitasking man? He leaves little bits of his multi-purposed life all over the place-for my kitty to munch!

Have I mentioned my obsessive compulsive tendencies lately? Even if we didn't have a feline that eats anything that might possibly resemble a bug, clutter drives me insane. I don't have much to complain about, I know. I mean, being cluttery isn't the worst character flaw. Being murdery is the worst, but being cluttery is easily second.

I come home and seriously ponder gathering all the little washers, screws, zip ties, rubber gaskets, L.E.D. bulbs, fuses and pocket lint, and using them to concoct a weapon of mass organization. This is an every day thing, people. I mean, I've had time to plot. I'd call my creation Fastidious Prime (What? I love Transformers.). His first mission? To force untidy husbands into submission. *evil laughs persist*

Anyhow, I'm pretty sure that Mr. T will be a little less likely to leave things lying around now. Kimchi is pitiful. He's got a shaved belly, and two large incisions. He's all sleepy/stumbly, and has a bandage around his right arm. It's not a leg. Two arms. Two legs. Don't argue with me. It's not worth it.

My two main concerns at this point, besides keeping things tidy, are making sure my bleary kitty eats and doesn't contract an infection. It's another bout at the vet, if either of those two things are problems. I've got stinky soft cat mush, and antibiotics. Wish me luck Pray.

P to the S
If we go to the vet Monday and find out the wee object is something of mine, I'll die. I'm not missing anything, but who knows what the cat ate, really? It sounds like something ugly, and I don't own ugly things. It must be Todd's fault, right?

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