Friday, April 30, 2010

Hunger Strike

I can't think about anything, but my sick Kimchi Kitty*. You see that face right there? That face is sick. He won't eat, drink or purr.

We've been to two different vets, an emergency clinic and our regular critter care giver, and neither knows what the heck's the matter with him. In the last three days, he's had x-rays, blood work, something for an upset tummy, something to stop the vomiting, antibiotics, a fluid shot that made him look like a kitty camel and still...nothing. He just mopes around the house, sleeping and hiding under the bed.

I feel responsible, and I don't even know what's wrong. I'm so afraid we've done something to make him sick, a household product I've used or something. He only eats healthy digestion kitty food, vegetables and maybe a piece of wheat bread crust now and again. I have no idea what he could have eaten, or what could have bitten him. I just don't know. He's an only kitty, and he lives in the house. I've gotten no new house plants, and none of the ones I have appear to be nibbled upon. I just don't know! Hairball? But that should have shown up in the x-ray.

Today's vet visit ended in them keeping him for more blood work, and hooking him up to fluids. I don't know if they're going to keep him overnight, over the weekend or if I'll go out of my mind from worry. The last time I took a mysteriously ill critter to the vet for blood work I never saw them alive again. It was my Pontuf Bunny, and this feels all too similar.

Kimchi's always so happy and lovey, but he feels like death right now. Will those of you who pray, please remember my kitty next time you talk to God? Thanks.

*If you happen to read/reread that post, notice the "I don't enjoy obsessive posts about pets. So, for your one time viewing pleasure, here's Kimchi!!" part. Ahem. Soooo...maybe I posted about him more than once, and I have issues with punctuation. Meh.


  1. Poor Kimchi Kitty!! I hope he gets better soon! I'm sure the vet will figure out what's wrong with him

  2. Aww sweetie, I know how troubling it is to have a sick pet. Please try to stay positive. If there is something in his system perhaps it will work itself through in time?

    You're both in my thoughts.


  3. all our love and lots of prayers for you and Kimchi Kitty <3

  4. Ari- I sure hope so. Thus far, they've got him on fluids, and that's more than we could do. *mwah*

    Barry- Thanks, mister. I hope you're right.

    HISdaughter- Thank you, dear.

  5. Heather Rose, I truly hope your kitty is OK. I've been through this too many times. Let us know how he is.

  6. Sandy- I'll definitely be keeping everyone updated. I miss my kitty so much, and I hope to get him back tomorrow. My house feels so empty without him, and I know he'd rather be here than at the vet. :(

  7. I'm so so sorry. . .I know that feeling of helplessness. So scary. I had a fur baby that all of the sudden started having seizures, and they never could figure out why. I'm praying for kitteh, and you guys too. Keep me posted.


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