Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Future's So Bright...

Here we have photo documentation of the joyous occasion that was meeting Shannon and Megan. Strolling around the very charming streets of downtown Asheville, NC we snapped a shot or two, talked about all manner of things and my husband (Mr. T for Todd) and I decided we needed to take them home with us. Alas, they have lives and bright futures of their own, so we can't steal them. Le sigh.

How many of us twenty-somethings posted about community in our swappy little guest posts (however briefly due to sleep deprivation) this past week? We're all talking about community in the blogosphere all the time, aren't we? I guest posted about that very thing, but I wasn't really feeling it.

You see, it's really easy for me to feel like I'm only here for others. I get so wrapped up in keeping up with everyone else, commenting, and being supportive and caring, that I just let blogging become a one-sided thing. I become drained, disconnected and discouraged, and totally forget what communication is all about.

I've been desperately in need of a refresher, and this wonderful little trip of ours has done just that. Meeting the two aforementioned lovely ladies has reminded me what blogging is all about. It's about people taking time to peek into one another's lives, you know, in that invited/non-creepy way. It's about communication and being human, and it's awesome.


  1. what a fun sounding trip!! Yay for refreshing!!! :)

  2. I screwed with the comments again. Sigh.

    So...Ari was all, like, "Yay for having a lovely time with Megan and Shannon! I wish you had kidnapped them and the puppies!

    Blogging is like everything else - we're always to busy doing and taking care of others that we forget ourselves. It happens b/c we're such awesome kind-hearted people . . ."

    And then I was all, like, "I know, right? We're such givers. Everyone wants to be us."

  3. Well that's awesome that you guys got to chill!! Meeting new people & the communication of being in front of someone is awesome.

  4. HISdaughter- It was a wonderful trip! It's so good to make "real life" friends, isn't it? You need a blog post all about you and your menfolk! It was equally as glorious to meet you.

    Mel- It really amazes me to know someone without having met them in person. Language and communication. Wow. It's sort of how I look at my relationship with Jesus. I know and love Him, we've just never met. Oh, but when we do...it's gonna be EPIC. ^_^ Ari and I still have to make that visit to you someday! We are NOT forgetting.


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