Saturday, February 6, 2010

What Did You Do?

Let's talk briefly about how wonderful my husband person is, shall we? Oh, lets do. Have you met him? Maybe you've read about him here? If you haven't, you should. His name is Todd, but I like to call him Mr. T. I also enjoy singing excerpts from Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street at him. He does not love it. The thought of peoply meat pies tends to gross him out...for some reason.

Anyhow, this afternoon I was sitting on my favorite floor pillow, checking Ze Book O' Face, enjoying the nothingness and just generally being a mess, when I hear someone pull up in our drive. Wondering who it could be, and how horrendous I actually look, I hopped up to find that a FedEx dude is carrying two boxes onto my porch. I bolt for Mr. T. He's dressed already, as usual.
Mr. T looks a little concerned about our mysterious parcels (Have I mentioned how much I hate the word "package"? Hate it.), but runs to the door to meet Mr. FedEx. As soon as they're signed for, and the door is shut, I plopped my butt down in the floor next to them. Mr. T looked concerned.

After very little prodding, he informs me that he got me a MacBook Pro and a printer for Valentine's Day!!!I think that deserves a few more exclamation marks, don't you? !!! I was in slight shock, and just kept saying, "What did you do?" He said he figured I needed it for work trips and my etsy shop. I totally needed a printer, and who would say no to a MacBook of their own?!

In conclusion, I hate to be mushy and annoying, but sometimes it's just too difficult not to tell the world about the sweetness that is my husband man. He's wonderful *most* of the time, whether he's spending money on me or not, but this was all kinds of spontaneous. He is *never* spontaneous. Ever. So...this is a big deal. I think he's good at it! ^_^


  1. Awww.. that is so sweet! Love spontaneity and romance. :-)

  2. YOU are so very lucky. Todd is amazing. Congrats on your Valentine's gift! (Did I mention you were amazing too, so naturally you should receive amazing gifts) <3

  3. Looks like your amazing husband is setting the bar for other amazing husbands. What a guy!

    And thanks Heather for the kind words you left for Jennifer on my blog. She's a wonderful friend and I know she appreciates it. :)

  4. Awesome!!! Yay Mr.T!!!

  5. Karishma- Those two combined are a pretty powerful thing.

    Shannon- He is pretty darn amazing. Thanks. ^_^

    Barry- I hope thing look up for Jenn soon. It's so nice of you to use your blog to tell her story.

    MadamRaspberry- I know!

    Ari- Yay Mr. T indeed. ^_^

    Hisdaughter- Happy V-day to you!

    Sadako- Thanks. ^_^

  6. SO awesome. I hope you love your new MacBook!


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