Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bippidy Boppidy Boo

We all have things that hold magic for us, don't we? Things that make our hearts go pitter pat, and send our imaginations reeling? You know what I'm talking about, right? I've been thinking a lot about this lately, and wondering why certain things bring me inexplicable joy, so I made a small list.

You knew I'd make a list. How could I not?!

Magical Type Things

This is one of my favorite photos, taken by one of my favorite photographers. You should check out her blog, Curious Illusion.

Lightning Bugs
I googled and found this image here.

I googled and found this image here, by W. Child

RainbowsFogI googled and found the rainbow & fog images here, where I also found some interesting posts. I'll definitely be checking this one out.

Somewhere during my pondering of these magical-type thingamabobs**, I realized some things. No amount of knowledge and understanding can take away their enchantment. The things that fascinated me as a child are still the things that inspire me today, and I want to share those things. I want to shout them from the roof tops! I believe that they're all careful complex creations of a powerful, loving God and that just makes them all the more exciting to me.

Every time I get all worked up about writing a blog post, a children's book, painting a portrait or even singing a song at church it's because there's something I feel an uncontrollable urge to communicate. I need someone else to understand what that thing, my burden or inspiration, means to me. I want everyone to understand, to be able to relate or join in on the celebration.

Maybe it's in search of belonging? Perhaps I just feel the need to have validation, to know others aren't missing out? I'm not sure. All I know is that there's something magical about that fascination, inspiration and communication.

What say you, bloggers? Do you believe in magic?

*I thought just plain old soap bubbles were magical, but feast your eyes upon these. Oh, and Wiki's definition of a soap bubble makes me happy. I agree 100%.
**I left out love, in order to spare the brave men that venture here the girliest post they've ever been subjected to in their lives. You're welcome, gentlemen.


  1. I agree that my desire to blog comes from a need to communicate and find out that I'm not completely crazy.

    I definitely believe in magic . . . I find it in little things like lightning bugs, cactus flowers, and pantaloons coming out looking like pantaloons . . .

  2. ^_^ There is something magical about taking an idea and making it reality, isn't there?

  3. Yes I definitely believe in magic. :) And that lighting bug picture is pretty magical, I wish we had lighting bugs around here!

  4. Ohh I'll definitely join along. I love this post from your title to the end. That's amazing that you can still see the magic in those things. Every time I see a rainbow I stop in my tracks & look at it for a while or try to see the end. I hear ya, I'm on the same page. =) I hope you never stop seeing that magic. =)

  5. Ooh, I totally agree about bubbles being magical. I used to imagine they were receptacles for tiny magical kingdoms, complete with a prince, princess and many unicorns.

    I think it's a wonderful gift to be able to see the magic in everyday things. Makes life so beautiful to live.

  6. Oh my God, gorgeous pics Heather!

    And yeah, please steal that idea from my blog. I want to see what you come up with!


  7. So why haven't I been following you all this time? Dunno.

    But I am now. :)


  8. Curious Illusion- Ari, why aren't there lightning bugs in Texas?! Blasphemy! You need to come here, like, asap! Well, they aren't here now, but you can still come. We'll keep you until they're here. :P

    Melanie- I thought you might like the Cinderella reference. ^_^

    Karishma- I like the way you think. Many unicorns are always better than just one. You must have been an awesome little person. ^_^

    Barry- Thanks, Barry! I don't know why you haven't been following me, but I'm glad that's remedied.


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