Tuesday, January 5, 2010

MadShiny Goodness

It's well beyond my bed time (who am I kidding? I'm never in bed at a decent hour, but I'd like to be.), but I really wanted to share my newest water doodle with you lovely people.
It's a doodle. I watercolored it. That makes it a waterdoodle, right? Right.

Aaaand what could it be, other than a chinchilla? Humperdink is my muse. :P

I just listed said waterdoodle on my Etsy Shop, and I've got high hopes. I've yet to sell any MadShiny goodness, but I'm keeping my chin up.


  1. That is awesome! I like the waterdoodle concept! Gonna checkout your shop. - mattkendrick.com

  2. He's too cute!!! (but you already knew I'd say that) . . . we're gonna figure out how to get our etsy sales up . . .

  3. That is waaaaaaay too cute. And I like the term Waterdoodle. :)

  4. Omg, I love it. I still need to send you a picture of my pups! I haven't forgotten ;)

    Oh yeah, and I'm back!! :D

  5. ale8oneboy- Thanks! Oh, tell the world, please?

    Ari- Our powers combined...

    Apollo- ^_^ I will make you a creeptastic jellyfish, if you so desire. I work CHEAP.

    Sarah- Anything chinchilla is cute, I think. Thanks!

    Shannon- I haven't forgotten either, and I've missed you! I'll be on over to read later, lovely lady.

  6. Damn girl, you did this? I love it! I've tried working in watercolours so I know how hard it is. (Mind you that was over thirty five years ago). Oh crap!

  7. Cuuuute! Make an owl now. But a funky one. Lol!

    I'm like directing you. Perform dammit!

  8. That is super cute! I like waterdoodle, it fits!

    Hey! Yeah, I sorta blog stalk people, nice to sorta actually meet you! :)

  9. Oh, you guys. *blush* Sweet talk. My favorite!

    Barry- Watercolors are indeed trying. I think that's why I like them so much. Like life, you can't just erase or cover up your mistakes. You're forced to continue over your decisions, good or bad, and make the best of things.

    Curious Illusion- ^_^ Yes'm. Right away!

    Katie- Thank you! Blog stalking was understood, under the circumstances. Glad things are going well for you and your little one.


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