Friday, January 1, 2010

Great & Small

Let's start this new year out right, shall we? How about a brief post in honor of an adorable little fuzz-head named Humperdink?! Sounds good to me.

Any of you lovely bloggers that happen to be friends of mine on Facebook have already seen this wee fuzzy mug, but, for those of you who have not, you can thank me in comment form.
Isn't he adorable?!

I've had the pleasure of sharing a house with bunnies, puppies, kitties, birdies, fishies, a variety of domesticated rodents and a few reptiles, but never a chinchilla. When my boss needed someone to "chinchillasit," I interrogated her briefly on the species of fluff ball before leaping at the opportunity to help her out.


Everyday is a new adventure in 'Dink, and it's awesome.

He's a bit quirky like a bunny, hopping and spazzing from time to time. I think it's a general display of merriment, because he usually does it after I've topped off his dinner and given him his treat for the day. Raisins are crack for chinchillas. It's cheap thrills.

Rats and ferrets definitely have him beat in the busy department, but he seems to have a few duskly (I'm making this a word.) activities. I've yet to see him fall asleep while eating, or pass out to display his manhood for all the world to see, so it's safe to say he's nowhere near as lazy as a hamster.

He's a pretty distinctive little guy, if you ask me. He had one of those giant hamster ball things to run around in, but it got broken before I got to chinchillasit. Too bad. He would SO be getting more acquainted with Kimchi Kitty, who seems genuinely terrified of him. Silly 20lb kitty.

Anyhow, I'm in love with Humperdink. I just know I'm going to cry when I have to send him back home to my boss. The husband person doesn't seem to like the idea of me getting one of my own, or I so would.

After our last bunny died unexpectedly I was pretty traumatized...for a long while. I get so attached. It was months and months before I could go home alone. Pacha Bunny was always such wonderful company. He'd follow me around the house, nudge me with his wittle soft nose, bolt up and down the hallway, flop out for a stretch/nap in whatever room I was in and hop up in my lap for some cuddling. After he died, I just couldn't bare to be home without Todd to distract me. I'd just cry and cry. The house felt so empty.

So...we made a strict no more rodent-type critters rule. They're so susceptible to serious health problems, notorious for hiding symptoms, beyond difficult to get treatment for and don't have all that lengthy of a life expectancy to begin with. Don't get me wrong. I fall head over heels in love, and think it's totally worth the time you get to spend with them. I just lose the ability to function when they pass away. It's not good for me.

*Teary eyes! Teary eyes! Not blinking!*

I'm convinced Chinchillas are different, though. Humperdink is 9 years old, and that's apparently about middle-aged! 15-18 years is the usual life expectancy, and that's something I can deal with. I'm thinking about begging for one for my birthday. We'll see.

Have you ever had a chinchilla?


  1. Very cute! Don't give him back. I wouldn't hehe. -

  2. I've always loved Chincillas!! Humperdink looks absolutely adorable!!!! I would just watch what he does for like hours. Awww I've never had a pet but being also an only child I completely understand getting attached to things. If I had to cat sit bam I'd have to get one then. hehe. Enjoy your time with the lil one! =)

  3. Oh my goodness, TOO CUTE!!! I love him. I don't now anyone that's ever had one of those before.

  4. Looks like just about the softest, furriest thing I've ever seen!

    You stopped by my blog a while back, so I'm just dropping in to say "hey" and belated "Happy New Year!"

  5. Oh geeze he's cute!! I'm jealous you got to chinchillasit him!

  6. holy crap- you had a chinchilla and did not contact me to hang out? I am a bit sad now...

  7. ale8oneboy- Oh, I thought about it. Being my boss, she could fire me, though, so I thought better of it.

    Melanie- He's hilarious to watch. When you get that place of yours, you need one!

    Stephen- Boo, yourself! Why, praytell, can I not comment on your blog?

    CuriousIllusion- I think we both need one. Kimchi and Bay would LOVE it!

    Barry- Oh, he is incredibly snuggly, and I'll be visiting again. Happy Belated New Year to you as well!

    Stealth- Listen, I think you are in need of a critter. You commented when I posted some adorable puppy butt, and now with the chinchilla. Give in. :P

    Mark- I still have him, but my house looks like a Christmas tornado hit it! :( We will most definitely be getting lunch this week, though.

  8. P.S. I'll most likely have 'Dink for all of January. You should get to see him. ^_^

  9. He is tooo cute!!! 'Thias would have a field day with him! And Chaka would just be angry . . .

  10. Oh, he's far too adorable. Especially when he comes begging for raisins.

    Chaka (aka Frijoles Negros) needs anger management classes, if you ask me. She's too disgruntled. Cute, but disgruntled.

  11. I'm not sure how I feel about the aesthetic of blog comments. No offense.

    Please forward your thoughts to my inbox, I believe you have the address.

    And that little black dog was putty in my hands, if you recall.

  12. Ummm. . . "putty"?! No. More like looking for a way out.

    the "aesthetice of blog comments" what does that even mean?! i think its more you're afraid of critique . . .

  13. I'm offended! As I remember it, that dog was yapping and in a frenzy when we entered the house, and a perfect little darling once I'd petted it for a spell.

    Why would she have been "looking for a way out"? Should I infer your opinion of me from this?

    And what on earth do you know about me that would suggest I am afraid of critique? I invite your thoughts as I did Heather's; I simply don't want them on my blog. If you can hastily gather from this that I'm afraid of critique, then I don't know what to tell you. Also, it's not as if I'm writing poetry over there... ?

    I feel as if I need to add this > :)


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