Thursday, January 28, 2010


There are times when I'd like to perform brainectomies on people. There. I said it. Sometimes they just have too entertaining of ideas. I want them for my own. My Precious.* Their ideas. Not their brains. But the idea being in the brain makes me think if I possessed their brains...yeah. Gonna stop with this train of thought now. Since performing unnecessary, creepy and unauthorized surgery on people's heads is frowned upon in most societies, I usually just ask permission to use said idea.

Today's example? Jay. He makes charts and takes polls on really important stuff that everyone needs to know. Everyone. And his post yesterday was concerning something I've adored for a long time. Lists. Some of you remember my attempt at List Lust Wednesdays, right? Did you know yesterday was National List Day?! Did you also know that I'm terminally late? Anyhow, his list was way better than any list I've ever had the pleasure of coming up with, so I'm borrowing some of his list categories. He said I could. ^_^

Brainectomy thwarted again.

Things that make me smile in a sad sort of way:
  • Grandpa type men getting attention from pretty young girls
  • My paycheck
  • Little kids with glasses (Harry Potteresque)
  • Childhood photos
  • Little hoppy birds
Things that are impossible to do in a sexy manner:
  • Snorkeling
  • Clipping your toenails
  • Blowing your nose
  • Changing a diaper
  • Yawning
Things that bother me when not done well:
  • Spelling (Everyone makes mistakes, but lifetime misspellers wound my soul.)
  • Movie remakes (Clash of The Titans, don't let me down.)
  • Song covers (If it ain't broke, don't break it!)
  • Whistling (If you can't carry a tune, don't do it! Sing. That's at least pitiful cute.)
  • Handshakes (This one is Jay's and I'm keeping it. I loathe noodly handshakes.)
Things that bring me unending joy:
  • Making up my own words
  • Putting my forehead to Kimchi Kitty's when he's purring like it's going out of style
  • Puppies and baby goats (What are they called? Kids?)
  • Making things for people that make them happy
  • Creating
*What?! I'm not ashamed. Well, I kinda am.


  1. hehe. I liked Jay's idea too. He's a clever one that genius.

    I'm so glad you brought up the new Clash of the Titians movie. I am terrified of what they've done to this classic. I reallly realllly hope they did a good job!!

    One of my favorite things in celeb magazines is when they catch people yawning. It's always hilarious!!!

  2. sry to leave another comment girl but I had to say reading this post with the brainectomy while hearing Gary Jules "Mad World" was pure awesomeness!! =)

  3. Melanie- I loved Clash of The Titans when I was little, and they'd better do a good job, or else! :P

    I love that song.

  4. I'm so nervous about the remake of Clash of the Titians - esp. since I haven't seen the little mechanical owl in any of the previews. . . he was my favorite!

    Misspellers get on my nerves too - and I'm one of them!!

  5. Never be ashamed of the precious. Own it yo. :)

    Making up words? I've been using "shnerples" for about 9 years now. It's a good one.

  6. Hahaha, it made my day that you said you can't be sexy when you snorkel. SO TRUE! Some of the most hilarious pictures my family has are from snorkleing trips!!

  7. Ari- I know! He is totally integral to the plot. He's like R2D2! Without him, the main characters would be doomed.

    Katie- ^_^ Now, how would one go about using "shnerples" in a sentence?

    Bayleigh- I know! Even afterwards you've got those lovely red mask lines all over your face, and your plucking seaweed from random places for the rest of the day. :P

  8. AWww I really like your lists! So awesome! :) The list of things you can't do in a sexy manner is fantastic.

  9. Where ever it fits!

    A swear: "Bloody shnerples! How did you get in the toilet?!"

    A term of endearment: "Come here my little shnerple-face cutie-pie!"

    A conversation piece!: "How 'bout them shnerples?"

    The possibilities are endless.. :)

  10. I, too, enjoy a good solid made-up word ( that's how we got them in the first place) and can't stand the chronic mizspelllarr.

  11. Just got the coolest confirmation word: Bohemobs.

    Thinking, possibly, mobs of angry hippies.

  12. can I put this on my blog? I like lists. NO. LOVE them. I would go batty without my lists: To do, grocery, bucket, pros vs cons, why I love my little boy....Ahhh, the lists!!

  13. Lists are awesome. They'll always be! :)

  14. Ari- Totally stole the idea from Jay. I think I'm a listophile.

    Katie- I. Think. I. Love. You. :P

    Muppet- That IS the coolest confirmation word! I love it!

    HISdaughter- Sure! Just make sure to give credit for the first three list headings to Jay (the links up there). I only came up with the last one on my own.

    Jane- True dat.

  15. I think books > movie done badly might annoy me as much as bad remakes. Yuck.


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