Sunday, May 31, 2009

Peace At Last.

Hello me lovelies! All apologies for neglecting you so, as of late. What can I say? Life has a way of getting out of hand now and again.

Within the last 2 weeks I:
-attained a new job!
-gave notice to my current employer.
-started the new job!
-resigned from the new job.
-reacquired the old job!
-came down with exudative tonsillitis.
-neglected all creative outlets.
-survived way too much stress.

Amidst all those ups and downs, there were a couple of nights that I let the unknown get the best of me. Quitting one job before having confirmed another is not exactly my cup of tea, but it was something I felt I had to do. So, I did it. Then I freaked out accordingly.

I managed to single handedly destroy my immune system via stress. Thus causing my tonsils to make an attempt on my life. >_<

Worry does NO GOOD. None. Remember that.

So, I am currently very thankful to be updating the old blog here. Even if it does mean germing up the laptop. I have a long weekend to relax, overcome my tonsils, and let everything sink in.

God willing, things are back to how they belong.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Deep Breath. Chin Up.

It is far too late to be posting, but I've got too much to blather about to sleep, or hold it in anymore.

I've got a new job. Great right? Riiiight.

New is good. More money is good. Change? Change is bad. Well, maybe not bad, but certainly not my friend. At least not at the moment.

I am a creature of habit. I know this. The thought of leaving my current coworkers kills me. It feels like there's a great big old hippopotamus sitting on my chest. My heart is heavy, and I can hardly breath.

I just wasn't prepared. I mean, I went to an interview, got turned down. 'Nough said. As soon as the answer was no, I went right on my merry way, back into my routine, thankful that I wouldn't have to change. Then, out of the blue I get a call.

An opportunity has presented itself?! One week's notice?! Umm...well...uh...can I call you back?! Ugh.

So, new job starts on Tuesday. It'll take some getting used to I'm sure, but I think I'll like it. The husband person and I can carpool. I'll not be worried about my little nonprofit closing down on me. Well, I'll worry about them, but not whether I'll be without a paycheck or not anymore.

I'm still going to volunteer to teach art at the shelter, and to transport runaway and homeless youth. So, I'll be helping people. I just worry it won't be enough.

I feel so bad for leaving them. I'll miss them SO much. My heart aches, but I feel as if this job is an answer to prayer. I mean, I ask for The Man with The Plan to help my doddering little self along. I don't know what tomorrow will bring. So, I figure I'll follow someone who does.

Sometimes He surprises me is all.

Deep breath. Chin up.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust \m/ (>_<) \m/

How long has it been since you got sucked into this Land o' Blogging? Hmm?

Was it to blather about life in general? Perhaps to tame the need to write? Maybe to support a cause, or maintain sanity? Whatever the reasoning behind it, I'm glad you did.

Communication/expression are such important things to me. To all of us, right? I mean, who doesn't enjoy reading those comments? (If you're the freak that doesn't, keep your bitter little opinion to yourself. ^_^)

I love relating to strangers. Driving home the fact that we are all the same, no matter how drastically different. I especially enjoy reading the rantings of other artists. It silently thrills my soul.

Well, another one has bit the dust, bloggers. A dear friend, and amazing artist. His name is Mark Blevins, and you'd be missing out if you didn't stop by now and again to see what he's up to. So, here. Go now. Go!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Deep Healing Breaths

So, my blog has lacked a little "pep" as of late. Despite this bloggy hiatus, I've been having an all around happy crappy time. Whenever I think about posting, I decide to spare you all the whining and wallowing, but no more. I've decided to embrace the waist-deep mire I'm inhabiting.

I won't bother back tracking. Let's just start with today...

It's raining. Again. Rain is good and all. Plants love it.

I. AM. NOT. A. PLANT. I miss the sun. I blew a kiss to it when I saw it yesterday. Sigh.

Making the descent into my office via the back parking lot is a dangerous excursion. The steps are old, rickety and (Bon Jovi would be proud) slippery when wet. Yeah. I busted it.

How about a list of outcomes?!

-My khaki skirt now has a big soggy brown spot in the general area of my bum.
-My knee scraped up against the door. :(
-At least two of my toes are broken, for sure(ow-eee).
-My lunch is now muddy.
-I'm cold.
-I hate everything.

So, here's to embracing. What glorious and wonderful things have happened to y'all lately? Care to share? C'mon. Let's wallow.

It helps me to remember that no matter how rotten it gets, I have things to be thankful for. The book of Job always helps me through. It's pitiful, but inspiring.

God is good. He really is. I know, especially in times like these, He is my biggest supporter and friend. So, we're pretty tight at the moment, and that's alright by me. ^_^

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Here's The Deal

I was totally going to show my blog some love today, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I have no love to give. It seems as though I am in a bit of a melancholy rut, and have nothing nice to say.

So, in short, I am forcing myself to be a wee bit positive. Of all the things that suck right now, I can say that I'm thankful for a whole heck of a lot. Nothing is really all that bad. God is good. He takes care of me. Seriously.

On that note, I am going to bed.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Icky Blah Hmph

This day has been out to get me. I have put up a good fight, but am now throwing in the towel.

I need sunshine and fresh air to thrive. What do I get? Rain, rain and more rain. So much rain, in fact, that my office flooded. Again.

I have spent the majority of this day wrestling a shop vac to remedy soggy/soured carpet, entertaining my boss' 10 month old son (which was the highlight), and battling a head ache.

My will has been broken. My little light has gone out.

I'll try again tomorrow. Perhaps the sun will too.