Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Vader Approves

Who here knew that you could win something via signing up for and completing NaBloPoMo? Why did no one tell me this?! That's awesome!

Luckily, I'm O.C.D. enough to complete 30 posts in 30 days without that incentive. All I need is Darth Vader giving me a thumbs up. Did you see that badge over there?! On the right. Adorable.

I'm going to go look at him now, as a matter of fact. It was a heck of a work day (Beginning of the month nonprofit shenanigans! Augh!) I didn't win a prize, and I need the moral support. *sniff*


  1. I didnt' win either. But now I kinda wanna try NaBloPoMo again to try to win again, lol!

  2. I need one!! That's awesome!

  3. Hi Heather- have been following you throught the month, but was afraid to comment because... well you might know. Anywho, I think everyting for you is going dandy (minus a bit of stress), and I hope to have that elusive lunch/dinner thing soon!

    Take care-


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