Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It Blew Up

Well, I've gone and destroyed my pretty little blog. :(

I had to keep messing with it, and then it freaked out on me! I am currently hatin' on blogger. Hopefully I can get things straightened out after dinner tonight. For now, I have to walk away.

For any of you that haven't read one of the many posts about my O.C.D tendencies, then you may not know how difficult this is for me. It's bad. I want nothing more than to fix it NOW, but it'll just have to wait.

Just...don't look.


  1. So long as you get rid of the white text on the black background, I promise not to hold your errors against you.

  2. Oh no! Why didja break your blog?!

  3. Jay- Really?! That's the first I've heard of someone not caring for the white on black. I guess it's the artist in me. I love a black background to make photos pop. Hmmm...I'll try going lighter, but you know. Once you go black... :P

    Curious Illusion- :(

  4. glad you have it fixed now!!


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