Friday, December 18, 2009

Holiday Hoopla

Well, it's officially a week until Christmas. I have yet to make my Christmas cards, finish the handmade gifts I started over a month ago, wrapped presents, or even finished shopping. Tis the season, right?

It just feels like I've been moving in slow motion. I guess that's partially because I've been having back trouble again. The whole degenerative disc thing has been behaving itself lately, so that's nice. My lower back, on the other hand, has been making it quite difficult to get around. I went and got my bones cracked yesterday, and am incredibly sore today. My little Canadian chiropractor is a miracle worker, so I have high hopes of being back to my old self again in a couple days. Until then, I'm stiff and overly cautious.

I have managed to hobble around my kitchen to make a powdery mountain of homemade hot cocoa, though. I have one or two more batches to make tonight, and all my mason jars will be full and ready to gift. Some folks are going to have a very warm and toasty Christmas and New Year, thanks to that yummy concoction. Hooray for simple recipes!

Now, I just have to finish everything else! What have you got left to do? Misery loves company, bloggers. Don't be telling me how you've been finished since November. I might have a massive coronary.

P.S. I've come to realize that I can't listen to music and type. Well, I can. I just type to the tempo of the music, and it's really funny. I'm currently typing to The Decemberists' The Tain. I. Can't. Help. Myself.


  1. Awwww, I love that picture! And don't worry, I still have to mail presents to MOST of my family. And by most, I mean all. Also, I still have at least 2 presents to buy. This whole "getting married and having double the family" thing is throwing me off completely!

  2. I have close to 200 cookies to bake, another pair of gloves to finish, shopping and wrapping.

  3. How does one go about making homemade cocoa? Is it easy? I bet it tastes 10x better than Swiss Miss.

    I am so full from lunch I need a nap now. But at least it's Friday!

  4. I have to somehow learn how to wrap presents. lol. I'm an engineer but I can't wrap a present. Somehow I just never can get the sides right.

    Ohh my mom has a 4th cracked vertebrae in her back so I understand how badly back pain can hurt. She uses a heating pad alot, I don't know if that could help ya out a lil bit. I hope your feeling a little better this week in time to finish for the holidays! It's almost over, 1 more week. =)

    Oh please accept the Happy 101 award from my blog! You deserve it. Your blog makes me happy. =)

  5. Omg you're making Christmas cards? I wanna see!!

    Sorry about the lower back... I kind of feel your pain. Today at work I was stuck sitting in uncomfortable cafeteria stools (the plastic ones) for 6 hours. Pain.

  6. Stealthnerd- I understand *completely*. I definitely took the whole no in-laws thing for granted.

    Ari- We will triumph!

    Wonderful- Oh, it's SO much better than swiss miss. YOu just mix up powdered milk, sugar, cocoa, coffee creamer and chocolate pudding mix. It's a powdery mess, but totally worth it. I'll post the recipe soon!

    Melanie- I'm decent at wrapping, if I ever get *to* it. :P

    My heating pad is my best friend right now. Thanks for sharing. I have upper back pain pretty regularly, but this lower back pain is a whole other world of trouble. I was so glad to hear the doc say it wasn't chronic.

    Aw! I will totally accept it, and pass it on. Thank you. Your movie references and pics make me happy, too. I think we share that love. ^_^

    The *other* Ari- I love having two Ari's! :P I will post a pic after the holidays. Better yet, give me your address, and I'll send one to Texas!

  7. Oh Christmas, a time of joy and family togetherness. A time when I invent new ways to hide in small places to have five minutes of alone time when visiting my brother's family. Picture it, its Christmas eve and a big woman is hiding in the back of a closet knitting for a few minutes of peace. I laugh just anticipating the back aches.

  8. Des! I totally hide in the bathroom! We are mental, but we are mental together, and somehow that makes it okay. Merry Christmas!

  9. Hey girl I wanted to stop by & wish you a very very Merry Christmas!!! I hope your feeling better!!! =)

  10. Thanks, Mel. Do you hate being called Mel? I hope you had a Happy Christmas as well. I feel almost good as new. You're such a sweetie.


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