Monday, December 28, 2009

Communication Is A Many Splendored Thing

My reader is bustin' at the seams, and I'm going through blog withdrawals! I'm not to the twitchy phase...yet. If I don't get caught up soon, it's not going to be pretty.

My husband finds my obligation to read and comment on blogs amusing. He also adores mocking me for having "internet friends". It's like you're all make believe people, and I have an imaginary friend disorder. T_T

Didn't the man have a pen pal growing up? What the heck?! Communication is a many splendored thing. So what if I've not met you in person?! You still matter. Sheesh!

Anyhow, I haven't forgotten about you guys. I squeeze in a few posts here or there, but with friends visiting for the holidays I just haven't the time. Catching up on reading is in my very near future.

Speaking of holidays, how about a few pics of recent get togethers/shenanigans, and maybe a critter or two?

My Handsome Kitty (Kimchi)
Chica Boo (my onliest niece)
Me (w/attempted straight hair), Husband Person & Twin Nephews
They try very hard to be completely different, but if they don't it's hard to tell them apart.
Pseudo Little Sister (Kayla) & I
Love. This. Kid.
The lighting makes us look like we have a self tanning problem.
Soul Mate & I
Can't tell that's her little sister up above, can you? was your Christmas? Filled with friends and family, I hope.


  1. I love that shot of Kimchi Kitty!!

  2. awww!! Kimchi & Boo are adorable!!

    Omg I hear ya on the whole imaginary thing. My internet friends are actually better friends to me then some of my real friends. We're not imaginary we exist. lol.

    What lovely pictures. Looks like you had a great holiday!! =)


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