Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sunset & Sabbath

Sunset is my favorite time of day (I almost drove into a cow pasture getting this shot), and Sabbath is my favorite day of the week.


[sab-uhth] –noun
1. the seventh day of the week, Saturday.
2. the day of rest and religious observance among Jews and some Christians. Ex. 20:8-11

Apparently, I'm "some Christians," because I totally observe Saturday as the day of rest. ^_^

Saturday is my sanity favorite day of the week. I really don't know what I would do without it. My life was seriously chaotic before I started observing a day just for being, studying the things I believe, enjoying nature and all the things God made. 24 hours of peace and sanity.

Six days a week I'm going ninety to nothin', running around in circles, trying to accomplish everything, deciding what needs to be done first and otherwise losing my mind. It's seems like it's never ending, but it isn't. As soon as the sun goes down on Friday, I can relax and just be.

That might be a little confusing to some. I think about days as evening and then morning. The simplest way I know to explain it is that I believe in the biblical explanation of a 24 hour day. In Genesis 1 it explains that in the beginning there was darkness, until God made a differentiation between darkness and light. And it says "the evening and the morning were the first day."

Jews still recognize the biblical evening and morning. Just one more reason people often think I'm Jewish. ^_^ I mention sabbath and it's all over. I'm a Jew. Not that there's anything wrong with Jewish folks, but we have some very different beliefs. I think I've mentioned this in another post. Belief in Jesus being the main one.

Anyhow, the Romans changed the whole evening and morning is a day thing, cause, well, that's what Romans do. They decided that midnight to midnight was a day.

Now, the rest of the week I can deal with this. The rest of the world runs on that schedule, so its not hard, but not on sabbath. Friday night sundown to Saturday night sundown is Saturday/Sabbath, and it's my favorite 24 hour period.

More than you wanted to know, right? :P


  1. Beautiful picture, I love that. Interesting to know. I agree, Saturday is my happy day too.

    Btw, dude what is with your blog not liking me posting comments? Keeps telling me my openid credentials could not be verified... punk!

  2. You're the 2nd person to tell me that my comment box is being rude to people. I think the other lovely blogger signed into her google account, and then it let her. Sorry for the trouble. Bad blog.

  3. If I didn't have Saturdays & I gotta add Sundays I don't know what I'd do. I completely understand girl. I live the 24 hour day & then some on auto-pilot running around trying to get everything done too. You need a day of rest. If not, omg. that'd be total chaos. hehe. That's a beautiful picture. I get off of work now right when the sun sets so I get to see sunsets all the time now. I love it. I hope your enjoying your Sabbath day today. =)

  4. I totally enjoyed my day, even though my husband and I were home sick. We didn't feel guilty for sleeping in, and just getting the rest we needed. ^_^ Thanks Melanie!


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