Saturday, November 28, 2009

Confectionary Cuties

Someone once said, "Pics or it didn't happen." A wise, but distrusting, soul, I think. :P (Man, I use a lot of commas! I mean, is that even right?) So, I posted here about making cupcakes, and a gingerbread man, during this Thanksgiving holiday. The cupcakes happened, but Mr. G. Buttons is still in the making. I'll post a pic of him later.

The Proof
That's just one batch of the three I made. Maybe someday I'll branch out, and try something besides wee flowers, but they're just so cute! :P And yummy. Thankfully, by the time I'm finished making different consistencies/colors of icing (this involves licking fingers) I might manage to eat one confectionary cutie.

What did you make for Thanksgiving?


  1. Ooooh so pretty! What gorgeous colors too!

    I made... NOTHING! :)

  2. Ari-The colors are the most time consuming part, but SO worth it. Glad you didn't have to make anything. ^_^

    Mark- Why, thank you, sir!

  3. Okay, seriously, when I get around to planning our wedding, will you PLEEEEEEEAAAAAZZZZE, make me cupcakes for the reception???

  4. ^_^ I think I could give you a pretty good deal. Just let me know, lady! we'll talk.


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