Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Let me introduce you to Julien. Well, a watercolor of him anyway. He's is one of my best friend's munchkins, and a favorite little person of mine. I like to hang out with him, talk to him and paint him. His little sister's not too shabby, either.

Anyhow, this has always been my favorite painting-of all the paintings I've done. It's called "Any Face You Want", and I just love it. I paint kids and animals a lot, but for some reason this one just stands out.

Wait. Have I mentioned why I paint what I paint in another post? I don't remember, so maybe you don't either.

I usually paint portraits of Respect, Resilience and Strength. So, it's not necessarily a painting of a kid, or critter. It's more an abstracted documentation of the respect that life has for life, and the resilience and strength that I believe all creatures possess to overcome the various forms of disrespect that they have or will most likely be subjected to. Just so happens I see these things in young children and animals.

Okay. Back to Ju-Ju. He has the most interesting ideas, and a very different way of thinking than most little guys. He's been through a lot of change that, like most children, was beyond his control, but he just keeps on truckin'. Quirky and awesome as usual. Personally, I think he's a genius. Though, maybe I'm partial because I've known him since he was born.

Normally, I don't know the kids or animals I paint quite as well as I know him. Maybe that's why it's my favorite?


  1. It's one of my favoites too.

  2. I love your paintings and your artist's statement.

    you're so talented i'm envious

  3. I agree with Ari (hee hee), you are so talented and I'm so jealous! I love your pictures and how you believe in what you paint. That's awesome. I have no talent whatsoever. You should see the pumpkins I drew, lol!

  4. I just love you people. ^_^

    Jodi- Right up there with apple pie and chocolate chip cookies, right? :P

    Ari- Thank you, Deery Lou! I'm still envious of your haystacks. You do them so much better than I.

    Curious Illusion- My Ari's. ^_^ Thanks so much. I believe anyone, with the willingness to practice until they're blue in the face, can do anything they set their mind to. Even if it doesn't come so easily.


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