Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ohm Nom Nom

(I found this cutie pie on cuteoverload.com)
I'm starrrrrving and want to stuff my face with some yummy veggies, but we have no food! My refrigerator looks pitiful, and my usually awesome husband is too cozy in his recliner to take me into town to get a 6" veggie sub. :(

It's not looking good, folks. Todd is talking peanut butter and jelly. Blasphemy! PBJ is not dinner material.

If I don't make it through the night, I leave my blog to my dear sweet Kimchi Kitty, as I trust him to keep up with posting regularly.


  1. Awww pretty! :) And good luck with the food issue!

  2. kimchi is very photogenic. You can borrow my husband for a while - he was up till - well I don't know because I went to be - up experimenting with food - cooking his little heart out.

  3. Curious Illusion- Yeah. Went to bed without supper.

    Madam Raspberry- Isn't he? Handsome fur-ball. Get your hiney down here, and I'll rent him from you!

  4. Kimchi looks so regal . . .


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