Sunday, November 1, 2009

Not This Year

It's National Blog Posting Month, folks! You know what that means? A blog post every single day for the month of November. That's what. You in on this?! It's not too late. Go sign up now. Here.

Now, I didn't take part last year, because...well, I had no idea what it was. My dear friend and cohort, Ariana (from The Happy Cactus) was all about it, but I just kept my distance. I wasn't so sure about all that fraternization amongst bloggers, at the time, either. So, even if I'd fully comprehended, I'd have steered clear.

"Not this year!" I say. I am on a mission to get my vast array of readers back, and I'm going to do it one post at a time! You hear me, bloggers? I'm coming to get all *counts on fingers determinedly* 5 of you.


  1. You don't fraternize amongst bloggers? I love fraternizing! Okay to an extent... after a while I tend to have far too many blogs on my google reader and I can't handle it.

    Anyway, woohoo... am I one of the 5? Cuz I'm totally doing nablopomo too... we can do it!!

    Btw, I love your label "blogged to death". I want it. :p

  2. I give mad props to all those who are doing this!

  3. Curious Illiusion- I didn't fraternize, but I do now. And I've totally got too many blogs on Reader, but I'm managing to keep my head up, at least for now. :P

    Ari- ^_^ Now, let's just see if we can keep one another encouraged enough to DO it.

    Michelle- Thank you, ma'am!

  4. homgoodness, a post every day?! erm....idk about this.


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