Friday, November 27, 2009


This whole National Blog Posting Month is getting to me. Apparently, I don't enjoy the posting everyday thing as much as I thought I would. I love that I've been posting more regularly. I love to write/communicate. LOVE. IT. It's just that...I realize I'm breaking my neck to post every single day, and it's becoming a huge pain in my hiney.

I also realize that I've been getting a little miffed with the ol' blog for upsetting my drawing/doodling schedule. I like to draw everyday, and most of the time right before bed. When have I been posting? Right before bed. >_<

I've been neglecting my drawing in order to write, and I think that's what's throwing me off. So, rather than just blathering when I've really nothing to say, I've decided that it's okay to post some of my drawings every once in a while.

Here's one I've been working on for a while now. It's not finished or colored in all the way yet, but you get the idea. I draw it everywhere, so I'm pretty sure it's going to work itself into a children's book someday...
Maybe a little odd/slightly creepy, but that's how I usually roll. I'm thinking the book will be something about what we can create with imagination. Everyone's thoughts and ideas being important. A person's a person, no matter how small kind of thing.

*Please don't steal my drawings/ideas. They're mine, and I'll hunt you down. Not that any of my readers would, but lurkers I'm not so sure about. No stealy. You hear me?


  1. Awww! Its almost over - just a few more days. Its been cutting into my drawing time too - except mine is during office hours . . .

  2. Ha I hear ya! The NaBloPoMo is good because I think I've been meeting new bloggers but at the same time, it's killing me - I just don't have that much to say some days.

    We're nearly done though, 2 more days. Okay well I have 3 more posts since I haven't done today's yet but then we're done!


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