Monday, November 30, 2009

Manana Manana

This is it, folks! Day 30 of NaBloPoMo! My daily web logging has been a success, but I welcome December. I welcome it with sparkling grape juice in clinky glasses.

Cheers, December. Thank you for showing up right on time.

I was starting to worry, what with all this black hole-time/planet sucking talk. I know. My technical terminology is shocking. Stay in school, people. Stay in school.

Anyhow! From this point on, when I remember (at 11:59PM) that I haven't posted, I'm just going to bed! Manana Manana...maybe. If we don't get sucked into a man-made black hole, and time ceases to be.

If we do get sucked into a man-made black hole, and time ceases to be, I just hope I'm not suspended staring at my wee blinking cursor, taunting me, throughout my perpetual blog block.


  1. wooohoooo! you did it!!

  2. Lol!! Aww! Congrats!! Post when you want to girl. That's what I do. I may skip a day or two but I come back eventually. Enjoy ur new lil freedom!! =)

  3. Ari & Ari - I'm incredibly content with the fact that I did it this year, and that I have a Darth Vader Thumbs Up Badge for it. :P

    Melanie - That's a good rule. My posts had become few and far between, so NaBloPoMo really helped me get back on track. Now, I can just take it easy, but think I've formed a nice little posting habit.

  4. Congrats! I know I could never do it!


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