Monday, November 16, 2009

List Lust XI: Know What I'm Simply Mad About?

Hello Bloggy McBloggersons! For those of you who remember List Lust from waaaaay back when, you'll notice it's pretty much been abandoned. For any new readers (Hear that?! I have a few more faithful few! Squee!), you are about to witness the redemption of one of my deepest obsessive compulsive loves: Lists!

Today's list will pick back up where I left off, and teach you/remind you of a few possibly quirky/unimportant things about me.

List Lust XI: Know What I'm Simply Mad About?

1. Puppies & Puppy Breath (Bull Terriers are my favorite!)
2. Mr. Snuffleupagus & Those Big Soulful Eyes
3. Tall Frosty Glasses of Raspberry Lemonade
4. Almost Every Part Johnny Depp Has Played,
Along With His Sense of Style & Ridiculous Good Looks
5. Kermit, For All The Same Reasons As #4 :P
6. That I Can Get Away With Being Simply Mad About Two Muppets Without Blog Persecution.

7. Tim Burton's Brain (I figured a picture of Burton himself would suffice.)
8. Being Married To My Adorable Husband
9. Gustav Klimt's Artwork (This is my favorite of his pieces-Musique.)
10. God/Love (They're one and the same, in my opinion.)
Guess that's all for now. Better save some for another list. What are you simply mad about?


  1. Cacti . . . but we already knew that. Oh! and Mac and Cheese . . . I love the stuff

  2. Oh, Tim Buton. I love, LOVE "Big Fish". Such a wonderful movie.

  3. MadamRaspberry- Oh! How could I forget twinkle lights?!

    Ari- Yes and yes!

    Lemmonex- How can something out of Tim Birton's mind involving Ewan McGregor EVER be a bad thing. Sigh. I love that movie, too.

  4. Aren't they just wonderful?!

  5. Awwww very nice! Love Kermit btw. :)

    Um I'm mad about Starbucks. But everyone knows that!


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