Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Want A Tele

Have I mentioned my guitar before? I don't know if I have. My memory, for those of you who may not know, is not exactly the most functional thing in the world. It's a bit temperamental.

Anyhow, my guitar. I have a pretty little Fender Stratocaster that I begged my mother for when I was 16 or 17. It came with a wimpy 10 watt amp, and an El Cheapo gig bag, but I was in love.

Mom caved, like the wonderful woman she is, and I practiced religiously for about 3 months. I watched my educational guitar videos, tried to teach myself chords, plucked out a few Beatles & Nirvana songs and shortly fizzled out, discouraged and defeated.

Last year my husband person decided that he wanted to play guitar, and started practicing on mine. He wanted an acoustic, but my electric would have to do. Now, I don't know if it's because he kept knocking it in comparison to an acoustic, or if I was being competitive little ol' me, but I became re-inspired, and insisted that he teach me everything he was learning. I chopped off my nails, painted 'em black (to match my guitar :P) and started relearning the basics.

I'm not so hot (yet), but I have a good ear and I'm getting way better. I can pick out just about anything, if no one threatens to kill me during practice. :P Right now, I know A, Am, C, D, E, Em, F and can play a number of songs. My favorites at the moment are Cash's "Walk The Line" and Collective Soul's "December". None too impressive, but I love it.

Now that I know I'm sticking with it, and am getting better, I really want a telecaster. A Fender Rosewood, just like George Harrison's (I had a crush on George when I was little). It has less pick ups, and a different feel about it. Plus, it's just beautiful. See?
What about you? Play any instruments? Ever wanted to?


  1. I'm not musical in the slightest - though at one time I did play the flute (and was good at it!).

    P Pots has a really nice vintage guitar that you're gonna have to see once it moves it.

  2. I can see you playing the flute. Do you still have it?

    Awesome. Todd's all into the Gretsch semi-hollow bodies, but I told him he has to be happy with his Washburn for a few years first. :P


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