Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Think Beyonce Should Have Gotten This Award

The always lovely, Ari gave me a happy little award today, which is just sweet as pie. It's also helpful, as I am too sleepy to think of anything earth shattering to blog about, or even an interesting interpretation of my day.Alright, here's the deal.
- List ten of your happy things.
- Make at least one of them happen today.
- Tag 10 bloggers that brighten you day.
- Link back to the person that tagged you.

Happies I've Indulged In Today
1. Hugging my oh so cuddly kitty, Kimchi
2. Decorating baked goods
3. Unashamedly rocking out to good music
4. Getting my Paste magazine in the mail
5. Cranking up the heat in my Jeep, so I can ride with the windows down in cold weather
6. Making plans that keep everyone happy
7. Sipping raspberry lemonade
8. Hanging out with friends that qualify as family
9. Being blessed with so much, when I've done nothing to deserve it
10. Cozying up next to my husband and kitty in our nice, warm bed

10 Day Brightening Bloggers
Matt (doesn't do awards, but he still makes me smile)

Happy Almost Thanksgiving, folks!


  1. Wonderful things!!! Nice tag: sleep deprived blathering!!

  2. aw thank you :) and I would really like some raspberry lemonade right now!


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