Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hodgepodge Gypsy Family

We all know the American Family is, shall we say, a many splendored thing. Most have suffered divorce, and are riddled with steps and half people-a term I've always had an issue with. I can remember arguing that my sister was indeed a WHOLE person. I was like five.

Anyhow, the husband person and I are no exceptions to the whacked American Family Rule. Having grown up states apart, it always amazes me how much we have in common, how similar our family situations are.

To name a few: both sets of parents have been in a number of relationships, divorced at least once. My mother, three times. He and I both have (half) sisters, that are nine years older than us, and we share an aversion to alcohol, due to one or more alcoholic parent.

Now, there's more! Todd (that's the husband person) has always known that he had an estranged older (half) sister, on his Dad's side. She goes by Kay, and has jack to do with their father, for reasons unknown to us. She's never met or spoken to Todd...until now. ^_^

Todd got curious, found her on Ze Book O' Face, and now they're talking! They both look a lot like their Dad, and I simply adore family resemblances. Makes me tear up because I'm a sap. *Sniff*

So...we're going to meet for dinner sometime in the near future, and I am stoked. This means I get another nephew, and I am an excellent Aunt! Humble and excellent.

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you how that's more that we have in common.

Well, I am my father's "only legitimate child", as my mother liked to say to me at the ripe old age of six. (I think she just said things like that so I would go to elementary school and repeat it. Well, probably not, but I did.) So, I also knew I had brothers/sisters out there somewhere. Only thing was, I couldn't have cared less. For eight years, my Dad wasn't even around. What did I care about his spawn?

In a recent conversation with my sweet, mess of a father, I discovered I've got a younger brother...with a name. Austin, a name I've always loved. And he looks a lot like my Dad, which means he looks a lot like me!

Somewhere growing up I must've lost that bitterness towards any kids he may have had something to do with, instead of me. Now? I'm really glad my Dad kept in contact with at least one those "illegitimate children". I hope to at least get a picture and an email address in the near future.

On another note, my high school sweet heart (don't ask questions-I told you I'm hetero.)and I are going to be two little nerds, adding to the plethora of huge nerds, at the 11:59 showing of Twilight: New Moon tonight. I think her husband is coming to make fun of us, but we'll ignore him.

I love the Twilight books, but have my doubts about the movies. However, going with the screwed up American Family theme, I think it works out quite nicely. "Vegetarian" vampires and rogue furry shape shifters would fit into our hodgepodge gypsy family just fine. I doubt anyone would even notice.


  1. I find this new sister/brother thing wonderful - where does Austin live? Close enough to visit? Why, pray tell, did you go to a movie at 11:59?!? You must be knackered today (an english slang ;)

  2. I know, right?! Austin lives in Indiana, as far as I know.

    I went to see a movie at midnight cause I'm a huge nerd, Jodi. It was the VERY FIRST showing. Annie and I are the cutest of nerds, but still pretty hardcore. What can we say?

    I got about three hours of surprisingly cozy sleep on her couch, and was up and at 'em at 6AM. Amazing, I know.

  3. That's awesome about previous unknown siblings. I sometimes wish some of mine were unknown . . . sigh. How old is Austin?

  4. Ari- ^_^ I'm pretty excited about it. I think he's 19 or 20.


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