Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hello, New Facebook Pic!

About a month ago, the husband person took the best picture of us. Well, maybe not the best, but I just love it. We were having dinner at my Mom's place, and it was just an all around wonderful evening, so I absolutely adore that picture.

Why haven't you seen said picture, you ask? Because I've been battling with iPhoto for about a month now, to no avail! It has simply refused to surrender that photo unto me, and I have been one angry little lady.

I've been patient. I've begged. I've been persistent. I've threatened. I've now called for back up.

And who's the best husband IN THE WORLD? Todd. That's who. ^_^ He put that mean old iPhoto in it's place, and here's my favorite picture!

Now, I realize I could use a little make-up, I look a little cockeyed, and Todd's sexy man hair didn't quite make it into the photo, but don't burst my bubble! I really, really like this picture of us.

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  1. Awww that IS a great photo! I love your hair and you don't need any more makeup!


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