Friday, November 6, 2009

All Things Yellow

I'm currently on a mission to redeem things that I loathe for no apparent reason. It's all part of my "Save Your Negativity For A Deserving Cause" campaign. I started it yesterday. ^_^ If I can't specify why I hate something, I'm going to make a list of reasons to like it.

Today I shall be redeeming the color Yellow. It's always made me gag a little, but I don't know why.

So, without further adieu...6 reasons (can't think of 10) to like, or things that I like that are the color yellow:

1. Rubber Ducks

2. A lot of baby ducks/chicks

3. Some cheeses

4. Fire

5. Fuzzy Bumbles

6. Butterscotch Candy. Mmm.

That's all I can muster. Oh! Mustard! I don't like mustard, though. What pleasant yellow things can you think of?


  1. Sunshine! And sunflowers, and Big Bird . . . .

  2. Sunshine! That's a good one, but I've never been a big fan of Big Bird. 6 foot canaries freak me out a little. :P

  3. daffodils, macaroni and cheese and rain slickers.


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