Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Absence Makes...

*Us. In all our glory. Todd's hair is chopped off now, and he has a full beard, but I like this pic.

...the heart grow fonder, right? Now, when used as one of those pseudo positive/encouraging statements, I pretty much hate that phrase. However, right now? It works.

I've only been away from home one night, and I flippin' miss my husband! I can't even think of anything sassy to say to him when he calls. I'm being sweet as pie, and that's it! Seriously, I'm on the verge of being all mushy here, people.

I adore my husband and all, but I'm just not one of those lovey dovey chicks. More often than not, I'm sarcastic and clumsy-flirty with him. By clumsy flirty, well, that doesn't really need an explanation, does it? I'm am NOT smooth, and I've never really known how to flirt properly, but it works.

I figure my only hope is to get back home before this sticks! :P I hop on a plane tomorrow afternoon, and will be back in good old Alabama before sundown. My adorable huzbun will be waiting at the Birmingham airport for me, and I'm hoping by the time we get home I'll be able to muster some sarcasm.

Wish me luck. And pray! Supervisory Companion is staying here until Saturday, so I have to navigate my way to the airport and fly home alone! Traveling inept and unsarcastic?! I might not make it, people.

P.S. This counts as Nov. 4th's post, so I'm dating it as such. NaBloPoMo!!! ^_^


  1. Wooohoo NaBloPoMo! And I agree, y'all are too cute! Now good luck! :)


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