Friday, October 23, 2009

So Much

I have been up to so much lately, it's ridiculous. And since So Much is the reason I've been neglecting my blog, I thought it only fitting that I dedicate a post to it.

First up were the Where The Wild Things Are birthday posters:
I promised some friends of mine that I'd do posters for their munchkin's third birthday. So, I whipped out my copy of Where The Wild Things Are, my watercolors, and voila! Said munchkin dressed up as Max for his party and everything. SO adorable.

And what better gift can you give for a Wild Rumpus party...than a monster?! It took me a few more non-blogging hours to hand-sew this little guy, but I think it was worth it. He turned out pretty fun.
And then there's the cake decorating class that my friend, Annie, and I have undertaken. This coming Wednesday is our last class. We've learned a lot, but we're pretty transport-a-gazillion-things-and-bake-cakes-for-no-apparent-reasoned out right about now.

These guys are the little cupcake toppers I made us as an alternative to the dreaded CLOWN HEADS everyone else gave in to. NO CLOWN HEADS FOR ME, THANKS.
We had to ice little bodies for them. My vampire was a little funky with a ruffly iced bod, but Annie's chicken turned out pretty darn cute. He kind of looked drunk after a while, cause our icing wasn't quite stiff enough to hold up. It was quite entertaining.

And these are the roses (on a lovely beach towel that I brought to cover that germ ridden cake class table) that made it quite obvious that I didn't make my icing the right consistency. They kept sort of morphing into little wilted blobs. :( Practice makes perfect, right?
I've also got a photo of my first cake, but blogger doesn't seem to want me to upload it. Huff. Anyhow, I put a green and orange owlie on it. ^_^

Aaaaaand I made three separate Homecoming shirts for a few of my favorite teenagers. We tie-dyed them, and then I used a textile marker to draw an image on them, and fabric paints to color them in. It was fun, but time consuming. I also have pics of those that this flippin' Mac won't let me upload right now.

So, there you have it-my legitimate excuse for neglecting my blog...this time. Hopefully I'll manage to get those other photos uploaded someday, for your viewing pleasure.

That is all. I've got brownies cooling in the kitchen. They're begging to be decorated.


  1. Omg those are sooo good!! I want you to paint me something like that for my classroom, you are so talented!

  2. HOMGoodness! creativity just flows out of your pores! lol, I love the monster. It reminds me of the classic Ah! Real Monsters. Epic.


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