Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lymphoid Masses From Hell

I'm quite sure that I've griped about my tonsils before. I have every reason to moan and groan about them. They are absolutely useless to me. Always have been. Never once have they saved me from a respiratory infection. Never once have they done anything other than get infected every single time they had the opportunity.

Why haven't I had them removed you ask? Well, my theory is that my mom and I moved so much that no one physician ever had the chance to see how much of a recurring problem I had. Why my mother didn't get proactive about this eludes me. She likes to see me suffer. That's not true, but I have. Oh, how I have suffered.

I'm suffering right now, as a matter of fact. In the scheme of things I know I'm not really burdened or anything, but my throat hurts. A lot. It seems like it's always hurt, and I am so very tired of it. I've chewed enough Aspergum to kill a man, had so many hiney shots I don't even flinch anymore and gagged on so many doctors...well, it just sucks. Will it ever end?!

Today, I got my answer. I sat patiently in the doctor's office this morning, awaiting the gagging swab, the burning shot in my bum, but it didn't go down like that at all. Instead, this doctor actually listened to me! He didn't even swab my throat. When he asked what the reason for my visit was, I told him I had exudative tonsillitis AGAIN. He looked at my throat, grimaced slightly, nodded and asked me a few more questions. After I finished explaining how I'd been getting tonsillitis just like this no less than twice a year(usually more like 5 times) since I was about 3 years old, he asked me why in the world my tonsils hadn't been removed.

I could have kissed him. I shrugged.

He requested yet another round of antibiotics, and the usual shot in the butt. He then told me that he has an ENT that he'd like to refer! An ENT! An expert that can gank those rotten, good for nothing tonsils right out of me. ^_^

I know recovering from a tonsillectomy is less than pleasant as a child, let alone as an adult, but I'm willing to deal. The thought of not being sick 5 times a year makes me absolutely giddy. Perhaps I'll lose some weight from not being able to eat too!

I am so excited at the prospect of surgery I could...pee.


  1. I have had tonsillitis twice, once wicked bad, once just unpleasant. I can't imagine dealing with it as much as you have. Go get rid of those tonsils, girl, and send the hubby out for ice cream!

  2. It sucks, right?! And my tonsils have been plotting my demise for YEARS. Tonsillectomy = ice cream. I can handle this.

  3. First Ice Cream cone is on me!

  4. Sorry to hear about the pain but yay that an end is in sight!! And ice cream all the time, woohoo!

  5. Jank useless things, glad I had them removed when I was little!

    Get the rainbow ice cream! Rainbow!


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