Friday, July 31, 2009

I Have A Confession To Make...

Well, I have a few confessions to make.

Confession 1: For those of you that don't know me very well, I have a tendency to avoid/ignore/hate most of what is wildly popular. Music. Books. Movies. If everyone is talking about it I am more likely to gag, roll my eyes and walk away than to take a liking to it. I'm not really certain why I'm this way, and I don't really think it's a problem. It's just how I am.

It's even come in handy a time or two. I had the same reaction when most of my high school friends were drinking and smoking pot. Gag. Eye roll. Thanks, but no thanks. Which is a good thing because a) I think those things are repulsive, b) I have a terribly addictive personality and c) my father is an alcoholic, and I'm not into the whole hereditary bad choices thing.

So, on with the confessions.

Confession 2: I've had "issues" with this whole Twilight thing. Every single time I've heard some chick swoon over Edward, or refer to herself as Bella...well, let's just say that I was less than enthusiastic. I hated everything I'd heard about it, and it sickened me that these frightening vampirey beasties weren't renowned for their hard core passions, heightened instincts or anything creepy/Byronic, but rather for their shimmery complexion and vegetarianism?! Not okay!

Confession 3: My sister forced the first book on me this last Christmas, and it's been sitting on my bookshelf ever since. Untouched. Except to be dusted.

Confession 4: On an incredibly sick day last week I decided to give it a try. I ended up reading the entire thing within 24 hours! I was completely blindsided by the quirky/flirty dialogue that just doesn't quit, and I couldn't put it down. Except to be sick with whatever food poisoning/virus was attempting to claim my life that day.

So, to my pleasant surprise the vampires weren't teen angsty, sparkly pansies after all! Some of them are nice round characters with such depth and...okay, angst. Not teen angst, though. Great, tormented, Byronic hero angst! My favorite!

Confession 5: I'm ashamed of myself for being nearly as obsessed as all those girls that made me want to smack them. All those Bella wannabes? That still makes me want to gag. No offense to anyone. I'm just an anti-giddy kind of girl. I like Bella as a character and all. Love her thought/dialogue. I just don't yearn to be her or anything. Which I think is a sign of good mental health.

Confession 6: I don't find this Robert Pattinson fellow a good fit for Edward. Maybe I'll feel differently if I break down and see the movies, but I don't know. Besides, he's all clean shaven for his vampire debut, and that's no fun. He's such an adorable fuzzy man. See?

There. I feel better now. So, I am currently reading the Twilight Series, the Harry Potter Series (again with the popular culture avoidance), along with my daily devotion.

My poor brain.


  1. May I add that this is a total chick book? Which again makes me want to gag at myself for being so into it. :P

  2. There's nothing wrong with a little guilty pleasure! ;-)

  3. I have an issue getting into super-popular things, too. With movies, I think at a certain point I know that it will never live up to all the hype, and that I'll just get pissy that so many people worship something so "meh" so... I just save us all a lot of trouble and refuse.

    I've never read Twilight, though. I'm not interested in vampires... that's it.

  4. I have read so many blog posts where the person is all I HATE BANDWAGONS AND TWILIGHT. Then they read it and love it. ;) I can't help but want to say "told you so". LOL

  5. Lilu- ^_^

    Cody- Oh, I didn't think I was either...but I was wrong.

    SleepyJane- You can say it. I was wrong. It's girly, but it's good.

  6. oh the shame.... uber shame....

  7. hahaha! I was the same way. I mocked all of my friends who read that book and a couple of weeks ago, I too picked a copy up and loved it. >.<

  8. Girl Anachronism - You listen here, now. I love you. So, you can't be ashamed of me. :P

    Soph! - Isn't it awful?! We were so certain of the amount of suck held within those pages, and we were so terribly mislead. Girly? Maybe. Lousy? Certainly not!


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