Monday, May 4, 2009

Icky Blah Hmph

This day has been out to get me. I have put up a good fight, but am now throwing in the towel.

I need sunshine and fresh air to thrive. What do I get? Rain, rain and more rain. So much rain, in fact, that my office flooded. Again.

I have spent the majority of this day wrestling a shop vac to remedy soggy/soured carpet, entertaining my boss' 10 month old son (which was the highlight), and battling a head ache.

My will has been broken. My little light has gone out.

I'll try again tomorrow. Perhaps the sun will too.


  1. Seriously this weather could try a little damn harder.

  2. Tomorrow is a new day. Chin up :)

  3. aww now i feel bad for writing my little rainy day smiles post! im sorry you had such a bad day, i hope it gets much better tomorrow!

  4. awww such a sad but cute little post! here's to a better day tomorrow!

  5. I'm so sorry! Hopefully the rain will gone by the weekend. . .hopefully

  6. Apollo - It really could. ):

    Shannon - So true. Thank you, love!

    Nicole - You are totally welcome to enjoy the rain. I've just had my fill.

    Bon Don - Cheers! Thanks!

    Ari - Hopefully.

  7. This whole WEEK has been so blah... at least we are over the hump now to the weekend!



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