Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Deep Healing Breaths

So, my blog has lacked a little "pep" as of late. Despite this bloggy hiatus, I've been having an all around happy crappy time. Whenever I think about posting, I decide to spare you all the whining and wallowing, but no more. I've decided to embrace the waist-deep mire I'm inhabiting.

I won't bother back tracking. Let's just start with today...

It's raining. Again. Rain is good and all. Plants love it.

I. AM. NOT. A. PLANT. I miss the sun. I blew a kiss to it when I saw it yesterday. Sigh.

Making the descent into my office via the back parking lot is a dangerous excursion. The steps are old, rickety and (Bon Jovi would be proud) slippery when wet. Yeah. I busted it.

How about a list of outcomes?!

-My khaki skirt now has a big soggy brown spot in the general area of my bum.
-My knee scraped up against the door. :(
-At least two of my toes are broken, for sure(ow-eee).
-My lunch is now muddy.
-I'm cold.
-I hate everything.

So, here's to embracing. What glorious and wonderful things have happened to y'all lately? Care to share? C'mon. Let's wallow.

It helps me to remember that no matter how rotten it gets, I have things to be thankful for. The book of Job always helps me through. It's pitiful, but inspiring.

God is good. He really is. I know, especially in times like these, He is my biggest supporter and friend. So, we're pretty tight at the moment, and that's alright by me. ^_^


  1. Oh no!!!! I'm so sorry about your bum, toes, and lack of chlorophyll!

    Things will get better!

  2. Ouch. Bum bum, bum knee, and bum toes. That's a lot of bum. You need to listen to some awesome music to cheer you up. Put in that mix I made for you. :P

    I really miss the sun, too. Wonder if there's a place around here we can pay to see it?

    I wish you could've made it to the show last night. You missed some, uhm, odd performances.

  3. Boo ;( I hate when stuff like that happens. Hope things start looking up sooner than later, but you know they always do!

  4. I'm shaking my fists with you doll!

  5. Ari - Affirmative.
    Apollo - Bum everything, but the sun is shining now! I hate that I missed it too. I hear Mic Jagger's young doppleganger put on a show.
    Shannon - Yes Yes. ^_^
    Bon Don - Thank you, dear.


    :) Nothin' like a little musical to brighten your day, right? Haha. Maybe when you're done puking from the cuteness you'll smile?

  7. P.S. I'm stopping by from 20sb!

  8. Bernadette - Much appreciated. Thank you!


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