Friday, May 22, 2009

Deep Breath. Chin Up.

It is far too late to be posting, but I've got too much to blather about to sleep, or hold it in anymore.

I've got a new job. Great right? Riiiight.

New is good. More money is good. Change? Change is bad. Well, maybe not bad, but certainly not my friend. At least not at the moment.

I am a creature of habit. I know this. The thought of leaving my current coworkers kills me. It feels like there's a great big old hippopotamus sitting on my chest. My heart is heavy, and I can hardly breath.

I just wasn't prepared. I mean, I went to an interview, got turned down. 'Nough said. As soon as the answer was no, I went right on my merry way, back into my routine, thankful that I wouldn't have to change. Then, out of the blue I get a call.

An opportunity has presented itself?! One week's notice?! Umm...well...uh...can I call you back?! Ugh.

So, new job starts on Tuesday. It'll take some getting used to I'm sure, but I think I'll like it. The husband person and I can carpool. I'll not be worried about my little nonprofit closing down on me. Well, I'll worry about them, but not whether I'll be without a paycheck or not anymore.

I'm still going to volunteer to teach art at the shelter, and to transport runaway and homeless youth. So, I'll be helping people. I just worry it won't be enough.

I feel so bad for leaving them. I'll miss them SO much. My heart aches, but I feel as if this job is an answer to prayer. I mean, I ask for The Man with The Plan to help my doddering little self along. I don't know what tomorrow will bring. So, I figure I'll follow someone who does.

Sometimes He surprises me is all.

Deep breath. Chin up.


  1. It's going to be great. God wants you there for some reason - wants you meet someone there who needs to know you. Change is frightening, but very good because it strengthens your dependance on God. Go forth young woman!

  2. Plan or no plan, God or no God, change will help you grow if you let it. All things must pass! I'll emit some good vibes from AZ aimed your direction. Good luck!


  3. This is a good thing. . .and everything will be just fine. There's a reason for everything. . .

  4. I'm sure your old place will understand... they want the best for you, just as you do for them. Good luck on Tuesday!

  5. Congrats girl! :) change is definitely hard but i am sure you will be an inspiration to all those around you. and you never know - there could be someone there that needs you more right now...

  6. Heather- these are the expierences that make everything so sweet. Dont doubt that you will, and still help people all around you.

    Good luck on the new job-



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