Thursday, April 16, 2009

They Call Me The Slacker

You know that song, The Seeker? Well, it's pretty much always playing in my head. Only the words are slightly altered. It's The Slacker, and goes a little something like this: I've slept under chairs. I've napped under tables...They call me The Slacker. I've been sleeping for a while(you should be singing this).

Yeah. I shouldn't alter classics, right? What's left of The Who are going to come and get me. Anyhow, yesterday was totally time for some List Lust, and I let it go for a nap. It was a nice nap, and a much needed one, but still. My apologies from Kimchi Kitty, the husband person and I. If they weren't so darn warm I would have posted.

So, without further adieu, some bloggy award goodness in the form of the ever so loved list! The oh so refreshing Shannon(who brightens my Mondays significantly) passed along The Lemonade Award, an award given to sites which the giver shows either great attitude and/or gratitude. I'm not so sure about attitude, but I've got the gratitude down. Along with this award, I must list six unimportant things that make me happy.
1. Art Supplies are pretty darn important to me.
2. My moleskines. Oh, my moleskines. The overflow of my brain pan.
3. My beloved black flip flops. Like $3.oo at Old Navy. Bless them.
4. My Sanrio Pez Dispensers bring me great joy. Especially Choco Kitty.5. Snuffleupagus. 'Nough said.
6. Pinwheels. Oh, the joy they bring me. The only way I'd ever let anyone bury me would be if they vow to keep the grass green, and put a gazillion shiny pinwheels on my grave.
Now, for the passing along. If you feel the need to comment, then you're tagged! No, it's not a punishment. ^_^ Awards are fun!


  1. Sigh...I enjoy your "happy things" but then again I always do...surprise suprise...

  2. your happy list is fun! :)

  3. I've got a couple of Moleskines that I just can't bring myself to use. What's up with that?

  4. Pinwheels are love on a stick!


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