Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Alright Ladies and Gentleman. I'm over here today, remember? Blog swapiness has commenced. So, here he is. The blogger you've all been waiting for. My newly adopted twin, Kendall. Squee!

It seems that no matter how many times I do this, I always feel like the awkward new kid in class. The one who worries if he will stick out like a sore thumb and be treated like a leper. OK, maybe I'm not quite that anxious but you get my meaning anyway. Right? Right.

For those of you who don't know, I'm Kendall from The Confessions of an Odd Duck and I happen to be Heather's partner for this edition of the 20SB Blog Swap.

The hardest thing about guest posting?

Figuring out just what to write pray tell to write about. Aside from being asked to keep it PG-13, I was quite literally given permission to go crazy. Sometimes open-endedness truly does suck. So I was paging through her archives when I found a post on being a worry wort. Hello inspiration, you always know how to appear at the last possible moment.

Now as a college student, I know about worrying. Mainly over paying my rent, paying my tuition, studying everything I need to so I don't flunk out, and trying to maintain something of a social life.

But then there are moments like today when I am walking across campus and happen to look west to see the sun setting. Then I stop. I sit. I watch.

Whenever people ask me what my favourite part about teaching first graders is, my answer is the same every time. Children remind us not to take ourselves so seriously. That sometimes things really are that simple. They bring us back to a place where promises were never broken and where when you called someone your best friend forever, you meant it.

No worries about bills.

No worries about work.

No worries about the four tests you have in the next week.

I must have sat there for at least 10 minutes just watching as the Sun dipped beneath the tree line.

My firsties never let worry or fear stop them from enjoying their lives. Every moment is enjoyed without worrying about the past or future. Maybe I should work on being a little more like that. A little more in the now. Who knew that "wasting time" was so deliciously satisfying?

Because life is a little too beautiful not to hit the pause button every now and then.


  1. Well, Kendall, you've successfully convinced me to bug you in the future for more guest post gloriousness. Muahahaha!

    Thanks for the awesome post, and gorgeous moment of bliss. I just pressed pause.

  2. You are so right. Thanks for guest posting! :)

  3. Those are the best moments...

  4. sigh - that picture is really something! ;) nice.

  5. "Children remind us not to take ourselves so seriously."

    My favorite reminder ever.

  6. That is about the best reminder a person can get. Now if only I wasn't stuck at work on this gorgeous day and I could go enjoy Earth day.

  7. Indeed, it isn't necessary to take myself or everyone else so seriously...thanks for the reminder.


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