Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Funny Business

Well, it's happened again. The dreaded bloggy hiatus. When you least expect it...WHAMMO! You have a gazillion things to do in no time flat. I don't even know what happened most of last week, and I'm too tired to think. I've still got a pretty good grasp of the past few days, though.

Let's see. There was the Flight of the Conchords' concert in Atlanta Saturday night. Totally worth the three hour exodus that Ari and I made. They were hilarious and adorable, as usual. We may or may not have screamed like silly little girls. May or may not have. All I'm saying is we waited for silence to make our audible request, and it was honored.

Easter Sunday was totally out of commission. A lovely day with family, but chalked full of disregard for all things weighing on my neurotic little mind. I did squeeze in some knitting and sewing, though. I made my nephew an ipod cozy! I really do have a creative compulsion.

Then there was Monday. Oh dear sweet Monday. Normally redeemed only by Shannon's Memory Mondays, but this Monday also had the help of the mesmerizing Jason Webley. The man can play the piano/guitar/accordion/pretty much anything like a fiend. Not to mention his uncannily gorgeous barbaric yawp, as shown above. It just kills me. Just beautifully stirring. It was a total surprise to find out he was going to be in the area.

Other than that? A lot of unfinished projects have cluttered my poor little brain pan. Bouncing around in there like jacked up ping pong balls. I finished a couple of things that I'm far too burnt out on to even muster photographing them. I refuse. Refuse you hear?!

Oh, and I've officially obtained the crud. Sigh.

That's all the funny business for now. Goodnight good bloggers.


  1. You have been a busy busy bee! Glad you are back though ... and I am so glad that I can redeem your Monday's! That makes me smile, big. Have a great day!

  2. Jason Webley did put on a hell of a show. In a living room, to boot! Glad you told me about it. Keep me informed about things like that, please!

  3. All the awesomeness....sigh! Awesome road trip...awesome shows...awesome t-shirts...

  4. Tag, you're it :) Check my latest post.

  5. Shannon - You do, and I will!

    Apollo - Oh, you know I will. ^_^

    Ari - Oh yes. Very awesome t-shirts!

    Shannon - Ooh! Okay.

  6. Glad to hear that you had a great time at Flight of the Conchords!

    And as for blog hiatuses... Well, you can see that I'm WAY behind with reading everything with this late comment!


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