Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Flight of The Sushi?

These two men make me extremely happy. As happy as a really happy thing. Not as happy as Jesus' second coming, but moderately happy. Yeah. So, now that you comprehend the level of happiness, I must express how giddy I was to hear of their first American tour!

If you haven't already been informed over at The Happy Cactus, well it's time you were informed here. It has become a definite possibility that Ari and I get to go see The Flight of The Conchords in concert! Again, happy as a really happy thing! We might have to drive to Ohio, Georgia or Texas, but we're going to do everything within our power to make it happen. I can't wipe the grin off of my face.

Oh! And what, you ask, did I have for dinner this fine evening? SUSHI! Yum. I had a cucumber and a veggie roll. Ohm nom nom. It was very good, and I want more. As it turns out, I am a sushi monster.

Flight of The Conchords! Sushi! Flight of The Sushi! I think that should be my band name. ^_^


  1. I am entirely jealous! I would love to see Flight of the Conchords play! Hope you can make it happen. :)

  2. Man now I want sushi. And cheeky humor.

  3. I don't even like sushi and I had the worst craving the other day. I'd eat a california roll every now and again when we go to dinner with my sister but I wouldn't say it was my favourite things to eat.

    'Twas weird.

  4. Flight of the Sushi is a true Rockstar name! :)

  5. Asthris - Don't get jealous yet. We're in a ticket bidding war!

    Shannon - ^_^

    Apollo - Both very good things indeed.

    SleepyJane - Oh, rice and seaweed. Mmmm.

    Bon Don - I thought so. :P

  6. SUSHI!!! Must have....gyaaah...I want some!

  7. Oh I so what to make the t-shirts for your band! Flight of the Sushi is awesome!

    We can go again next week if you want....


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